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Each month we offer free community education that is open to any parent, employee, provider, caregiver or interested community member. Topics include a wide range of useful educational information on autism and other developmental disorders.

Registration is now open for the following program:

Sleep Hygiene

  • April 20, 2023
  • 12 pm - 1 pm
  • Presented by Kiely Foley, NP and Briana Taylor, Ph.D.

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Evidence in Autism: Distinguishing Good Research from Bad

Presented by Matthew Siegel, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs for the Developmental Disorders Service Line of Maine Behavioral Healthcare, who addresses these and other questions:

  • What does the term “evidence-based” mean?
  • What do we have evidence for in autism?
  • How can you tell good research from bad?
  • Where do I turn for trustworthy information?

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Utilizing Functional Communication Strategies

Presented by James Livengood, MS-CCC, SLP 

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Long-Term Care and Financial Planning

Presented by Katherine Griffin, J.D. and Tami Goldsmith 

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Transition to Adulthood: Changes in Service Delivery System

Presented by Carissa Cavallaro, LSCW, Julie Claffey, LSW, & Jennifer Fricke, BA, Case Managers at GLCOE

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Using Visual Supports

Presented by James Livengood, SLP, at Spring Harbor Hospital and Kristin Reed, SLP at GLCOE, this webinar addresses the following:

  • Supporting expressive language (communicating with others)
  • Supporting receptive language (understanding)
  • Organizing and planning

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Autism & Safety Issues: A Guide for Community Members & Families

Presented by Cathy E. Dionne, Executive Director for the Autism Society of Maine, this webinar addresses the following:

  • General understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Details characteristics that impact safety
  • Safety tips along with learning about wandering

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Supporting Growth & Development

An Introduction to Puberty & Sexual Health Related Topics for the ASD/DD Population
Presented by Christine Dub, Ph.D, BCBA Psychologist at GLCOE, this webinar addresses:

  • Why it is important to teach sexual health related content to children and teens with ASD
  • When to start talking about puberty and sexual health related topics with your child & challenges that might arise in these conversations
  • Resources to begin the conversation about sexual health

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How to Support Your Child’s Social Skills Development

Presented by Carlie Geiger, M.S. CCC-SLP, who provides an overview of typical social development and awareness topics.

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Understanding Behaviors: A Closer Look at Your Child’s Anxiety

Presented by the Center’s clinical director, Kimberly Loika-Smith, LCSW, and outpatient psychologist and board certified behavior analyst, Christine Dub, Ph.D., this webinar focuses on recognizing and managing anxiety in children with autism spectrum disorder, when to seek professional help and what to expect from treatment.

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Behavior: Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

Presented by Lindsay Payeur, Board Certified Behavior Analyst who addresses function of behavior, using effective environmental strategies, and identifying and reinforcing behaviors.

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Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Presented Courtney Walter, Ph.D.

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Medication Approaches for Emotional and Behavioral Challenges in Autism

Presented Matthew Siegel, MD

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