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Education - Nursing School

CMCC Nursing Program at LincolnHealth

A collaborative effort between Central Maine Community College and LincolnHealth, the CMCC Nursing Program at LincolnHealth is the first college degree program in Lincoln County.  First year students have the option to earn a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) within a year and will have a five year grace period to complete the requirements for the RN credential, should they choose, or continue on for a second year to become a Registered Nurse.  The program collaboratively works with colleges, clinical departments of the hospital, long term care facilities, MaineHealth, Lincoln Academy, and local businesses.  Students receive classroom training at Central Maine Community College and in classrooms at the LincolnHealth Education Center located in Damariscotta.  An agreement with Lincoln Academy allows students to use their science labs for a percentage of their work.  Clinical training is at the LincolnHealth – Miles Campus and at Cove's Edge.  LincolnHealth provides administration services, clinical training, equipment, supplies, technical support, telecommunications, and full scholarships in support of the nursing school program.

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CMCC Nursing Program

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