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Patient Assistance Line

The MaineHealth Patient Assistance Line provides guidance on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), which are conditions in the environment in which people live, work, and play, that have a major effect on health status and health outcomes. The goal of the Patient Assistance Line is to reduce any barriers that may cause a negative impact on a patients’ health, such as food insecurity, housing issues, social service connections, and more.

Who can get help?

Any patient (or medical provider on behalf of a patient) within the MaineHealth network of care.

How does it work?

Patient Assistance Line staff will work with, via telephone or in-person, any patient who is seeking assistance with finding local resources to combat issues that are negatively affecting their health.

How much does the Patient Assistance Line cost?

There is no charge to anyone who contacts the Patient Assistance Line as the program is fully funded an offered as a service by MaineHealth.