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Access to Care

Access to health care is the cornerstone of good health. For those who are uninsured, gaining access can be a challenge. All of Maine’s not-for-profit hospitals are required to provide care to those who seek it, regardless of their ability to pay. Although charity care provides a safety net, MaineHealth has developed innovative Access to Care solutions across our service area since 1997.

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Maine people have received high-quality care, improved their health status, received free and reduced-price medications, reduced unnecessary emergency department visits, and learned how to successfully navigate the complexities of the healthcare system through our nationally-recognized Access to Care programs.

These accomplishments are the result of hundreds of primary care and specialty physicians who donate their time, participating hospitals that donate their services, and the development of key partnerships, all fueled by a common vision and sense of responsibility to ensure access to care for all.

Access to Care Programs include: