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Franklin Community Health Network & Affiliate Boards

Working together so our communities are the healthiest in America!

Our strategic plan serves as our compass to guide our efforts to fulfill our vision and mission.

The Corporators of MaineHealth gave their approval to a plan to unify our Maine-based local health systems under a single Board of Trustees effective January 1, 2019. Unification puts the strength of the entire MaineHealth system behind our efforts in each and every community to ensure the delivery of integrated, high-quality, well-coordinated care.

A key tenet of the unification plan is maintaining Local Boards that will oversee the care delivered in our communities and provide local input into decision-making. Local Boards are organized as committees of the MaineHealth Board and have an important role in our community, participating in quality oversight, oversight of local medical staffs, planning, budgeting and the hiring of key executives, local fundraising initiatives, among other duties.

The following individuals have been elected to the Franklin Community Health Network Board:

L. Clinton Boothby, Esq.

John Bogar, Treasurer 

Madelyn Besse, PA-C

Sheena Bunnell, PhD, Chair

Kelly Elkins, Ex-Officio

Trampas Hutches, Ex-Officio

Connie Coggins

Michael Cormier

Waleck Dalpour

David Dixon, MD

Stacy Hersfeld, DO

Gilly Hitchcock

Peter Judkins 

Ryan Whitt, MD – President of the Medical Staff – Ex-Officio

Darryl Wood

Gabriel Civiello, MD

Joanna Backman, Director of Human Resources 

Barbara A. Sergio, Interim President

Jeff Garnett, Regional Chief Information Officer

Daniel Bazemore, Chief Financial Officer

Ross Isacke, DO, Chief Medical Officer 

Ryan M. Mastrangelo, Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Deanna Orfanidis, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer

Kary Franchetti, Senior Director Practice Operation

Deborah Burchfield, NP (Chair)

Dr. Alireza Geshnizjani (Treasurer) 

Amy Bond

Dr. David Dixon

Olivia Fish (Vice Chair)

Dr. Dora Anne Mills, MD, MPH, FAAP

Ann Nemi

Barbara Sergio BSN, MSHA, CPHQ, Chief Operating Officer (Ex-Officio)

Joe Tinkham