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Team Approach to Care

We take a coordinated team approach that puts the patient at the center of expert cancer care.

About Us

When you’re fighting cancer, you want your home team nearby

The MaineHealth Cancer Care Network is designed to reduce the need for travel whenever possible by connecting cancer experts with cancer patients. This powerful collaboration brings together nearly 300 of the most talented cancer care providers in northern New England, with the support of the Harold Alfond® Foundation. The foundation is providing a generous five-year grant that supports the staff and technology that connect us.

No one chooses to have cancer. But you can choose how you fight it

Our network is a coordinated system of care led by a team of specialists based in various locations who partner to deliver quality cancer care. Our team includes:

  • Physicians who have achieved the highest levels of training as surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists
  • Patient navigators who specialize in cancer and help guide patients through their care
  • Social workers and nutritionists who provide support that can ease a patient’s experience

We provide the best evidence-based cancer services as close to home as possible. Physicians and patient navigators help patients access care in the most appropriate network locations so they receive the right care, in the right location, while minimizing the time and expense of travel.

Helping to give more cancer patients a fighting chance

Referring physicians and patients may contact us directly at 1-844-944-8094

Network Partners

Care Locations in Our Network

People with cancer may receive a combination of different types of therapies. The map below gives a general overview of these therapies, clinical resources and other services at sites across our network. For further details about a site’s cancer care, visit its website by rolling over the number on the map and clicking once to show name of site and its web link.

About Our Map

Use the map below to zoom in and find where MaineHealth cancer services can be found. The following is a description of terms.

  • Diagnostics – Some or all available tests, from blood draws and pathology, to x-rays including body CT/MRI and PET scans
  • IV Therapy – The injection of drugs, such as chemotherapy and other supportive medications to address side effects of treatment
  • Radiation Oncology – Treatment of cancer and its side-effects using radiation
  • Support Services – These may include counseling in nutrition or finances to pay for care, as well as support groups and transportation assistance
  • Surgery – Different types of cancer have different surgical approaches that require specialized skills, and the larger hospitals provide the wider range of these specialists.

Outcomes & Innovation Report

Treating cancer is a battle, but we’re a relentless partner in fighting it. View our 2020 report to learn more about our key achievements, outcomes and innovations in cancer care.