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What to expect at your Lab Visit

Preparing for your Lab Visit

Did you know that there are more tests that require fasting than just getting your Cholesterol checked?  

What to expect at Arrival

When you arrive at the Patient Service Center, you will be instructed to take a number. This is to ensure that everyone is taken care of in the order that they arrive.

 If you are dropping off a sample, you will still be required to take a number. We do this so we can make sure that the proper specimen has been obtained, that we have an order from the provider and to make sure your insurance and demographics are up to date. 

“Drinking plenty of water and avoiding drinks that contain caffeine will help the Phlebotomist find your veins and make collecting the sample much easier and painless” 


Preparing for your Lab Visit

If your doctor has ordered fasting blood work, you should have nothing to eat or drink (Except Water) for 10-12 hours before you have your blood drawn. 

Common Fasting test:

Having your insurance cards ready along with your driver’s license is always helpful & will make checking in much easier.