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College of American Pathologists (CAP) Certification 

CAP accreditation is a continuous cycle. The date reflected on the certificates indicates the time by which an on-site inspection must occur and does not represent an accreditation expiration date.

NorDx - MMC Campus 11756-01 
NorDx - Scarborough Campus 26754-01  
NorDx - Scarborough Surgical Center Frozen Sections Lab 72017-31  
NorDx - Mid Coast Campus 11748-01
NorDx - Miles Campus 71982-87  
NorDx - SMHC Biddeford Campus 11745-01  
MMC -  Point of Care Testing 71824-30  
NorDx - Pen Bay Campus 11805-01
NorDx – Franklin Campus 11811-01  
NorDx – Stephens Campus 11766-01  

American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics  

NorDx - HLA Laboratory 11-1-ME-01-1  

State Laboratory Licenses

NorDx - Scarborough Campus MEDLC 001 
NorDx – Scarborough Surgery Center Frozen Section Lab MEDLC060
NorDx – South Portland Clinical Lab MEDLC061
NorDx – Parkview MEDLC064
NorDx - Plastic and Hand Surgical Assoc. MEDLC 030 
NorDx - Memorial Campus 04247 

FDA Blood Establishment Registration

 NorDx - MMC Campus 1272265  


NorDx - Brighton Campus 20D0649494  
NorDx - MMC Campus 20D0088538  
NorDx - MMC Point of Care 20D1007732
NorDx - Scarborough Campus 20D0088763
NorDx - Miles Campus 20D1062023  
NorDx - SMHC Biddeford Campus 20D0649462  
NorDx - Scarborough Surgical Center Frozen Sections Lab 20D1072213  
NorDx - HLA Laboratory 20D0911771  
NorDx - St. Andrews Campus 20D1097980  
NorDx - Pen Bay Campus 20D2045973  
NorDx - Waldo County 20D2045902  
NorDx - SMHC Sanford Campus 20D2051904  
NorDx - Stephens Campus 20D2084568  
NorDx - Franklin Campus 20D0688823 
NorDx - Memorial Campus 30D0652852 
NorDx - Plastic and Hand Surgical Assoc. 20D0918823
NorDx- South Portland Campus 20D2156053
NorDx - Mid Coast 20D0649466
NorDx - Parkview 20D0087881 

United Network for Organ Sharing Certification 02MEIL  

Our Medical Director

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