New orthopedic surgeon adds an additional specialty at Memorial Hospital

October 1, 2020

Growing up in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, Danielle Phinney spent many days with her grandmother and Aunt, both registered nurses.

“They would talk medical things and we would watch medical shows. It was always my dream to become a physician. Just from being surrounded by that and seeing how they helped people.”

Phinney, now an orthopedic surgeon, is the newest member of the Memorial Hospital orthopedic staff.

“We are thrilled to have someone with Dr. Phinney’s background and training come to Memorial,” says Dr. Matthew Dunn, Chief Medical Officer. “Dr. Phinney adds an additional orthopedic specialty to better serve our patients and community.”

Dr. Phinney’s specialty is upper extremities. Think shoulders and rotator cuffs, but Dr. Phinney also treats hands, elbows, and other places where bones, tendons, tissues, and other body parts where proper function is critical to perform even the smallest task. “Patients come in because something orthopedic is inhibiting their ability to do their job or live their life. That’s why I love orthopedics because I can deal with that issue and get them back to doing what they love.”

Memorial Hospital, she says, is growing its orthopedic presence to allow more patients to receive their care without leaving the valley. “I look forward to treating people in the community who have been going elsewhere for their upper extremity care. Hopefully I can continue build the orthopedics practice and attract other surgeons and continue to keep care in the community”

Dr. Phinney is not a stranger to the Mt. Washington Valley. Her husband is from southern Maine and they had been known to come to the valley and she says she “knew I wanted to eventually settle down in New England.”

“[My husband and I] love outdoor activities. It’s the perfect place for us with the hiking and the lakes to go boating or kayaking. We love to snowboard as well. And I knew I wanted to be part of a community. It has everything on our list.”

Dr. Phinney and her husband welcomed a daughter earlier this year. “I would love to have her follow in my footsteps one day,” she says, but would not push. “It’s important to find what you love. I’m fortunate that I’m able to do what I love. I hope one day she finds something she loves, too.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Phinney or any of the specialists at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine at Memorial Hospital, call (603) 356-7061. Current Memorial Hospital patients can also request an appointment by visiting