Maine Medical Center Philanthropy
Maine Children's Cancer Program

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of local children fighting cancer and blood disorders.


Maine Children's Cancer Program

Maine Children's Cancer Program (MCCP)—the pediatric oncology and hematology program of MaineHealth Barbara Bush Children's Hospital – Maine's premier treatment center for children diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders. MCCP has three areas of focus:

  1. Providing children fighting cancer and blood disorders with the best medical treatment available, within the comfort of their home state
  2. Participating in clinical research to improve survival rates and move closer to a cure
  3. Supporting the entire family throughout their treatment journey

There are many ways to support MCCP:

  • Make a cash donation: Every dollar helps. Your support will help ensure that MCCP can continue to provide world-class, comprehensive care to local kids fighting cancer and blood disorders.
  • Attend a fundraising event: MCCP holds events throughout the year to raise money and spread awareness. View events.
  • Plan your own fundraising event: You can also create your own fundraising event to help support MCCP. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or check out our Fundraise Your Way site to see how you can put your own unique passions, hobbies, or skills to work to make a difference for our patients.
  • Sponsor an event: This is a wonderful way to highlight your business's commitment to the community while supporting young Mainers fighting cancer and blood disorders. Call 207-662-6274 to learn more.
  • Tax Check Off: Each year, Maine tax payers have the option to donate to the Maine Children’s Cancer Research Fund on their state income tax forms. If you’re a Maine taxpayer, you can download your Schedule CP Form to check off a donation, or let your tax preparer know you’d like to support the fund.
  • Volunteer: There are a variety of ways in which your time and enthusiasm can benefit MCCP. Call 207-662-6274 to learn more.

Donate Today

Your gift helps ensure that young Mainers fighting cancer and blood disorders receive the care they deserve.

More about the Maine Children's Cancer Program

Join the fun and help support the life-saving care provided by MHMCCP. Learn more >

The MCCP Board of Directors advances the program's purpose by securing community funding and serving as program advocates.

Board Members

  • Jason Hanley, President
  • Marian Albee
  • Andrew Brenner
  • Cindy Convery
  • Kathleen Cotterly
  • Michael Desjardins
  • Steve DiMillo, Jr.
  • Rick Drouin
  • Kathy Edelman
  • Kyle Hodgkins
  • Geoff Iacuessa
  • Sam Lane
  • Joe Leland
  • Andrew Majewski
  • Sarah Melanson-Spevak
  • Maggie Mullin
  • Marlise Montgomery
  • Jon Paradise
  • Joanne Payeur
  • Matt Rogers
  • Jim Romer
  • Theresa Rosmus
  • Dan Smith
  • Gretchen Spann
  • Michael Turcotte

Honorary Board Members

  • Susan Ayer
  • John Bay
  • Dan Crewe
  • William Dunnett
  • John Fridlington
  • Bob Graves
  • Craig Hurwitz, M.D.
  • Lee Jones
  • Betty Jurgensen
  • Larry Laderbush
  • Don Richard
  • Connie Robinson
  • Chris Rogers
  • Julie Russem
  • Barbara Turitz
  • Diane Volk 
  • Susan Whitehouse


  • Mary Ottolini, MD, Chief of Pediatrics
  • Susan Doliner, Vice President, Philanthropy
  • Matthew Parks, Director of Philanthropy, Annual & Special Giving
  • Aaron Weiss, DO, MCCP Medical Director
  • Debra Matson, MCCP Director of Operations
  • Amanda McGeachey, MBA, BSN, APHON, MCCP Clinical Manager
  • Grace Jandro, Philanthropy Manager
  • Molly Herman, Philanthropy Coordinator


  • Debra Matson, Director


  • Stanley Chaleff, MD
  • Ashley Jean, MD
  • Nadav Kastle, MD
  • Eric Larsen, MD
  • S. Ashley Speckhart, MD
  • Sei-Gyung Sze, MD
  • Aaron Weiss, DO, Medical Director


  • Kristina Buzzell, RN, APHON
  • Shannon Cole, RN, CPHON, Sickle Cell Coordinator
  • Andrea Jauregui, RN, APHON
  • Pamela Libby, RN, CPON, Transplant Coordinator
  • Jennifer Marass, RN, CPHON
  • Amanda McGeachey, RN, APHON, Clinical Manager
  • Shannon Porter, RN, CPHON, Sam L. Cohen Infusion Center Coordinator
  • Jay Westra, RN, CPHON, Education Liaison Nurse
  • Rachel Yadrnak, RN, CPON

Clinical Research Associates

  • Deniz Alps, CRC
  • Jessica Aronis, CRC
  • Jillian Fergione, CRC, Lead Research Coordinator

Social Workers

  • Dee-Dee Hogan, LCSW
  • Elizabeth Murray, LCSW
  • Emily Smolin, LCSW

Administrative Staff

  • Cheri Lozoraitis, Secretary
  • Joyce Mills, Referral Specialist
  • Crystal Sargent, Secretary

Child Life Specialist

  • Kelly Donahue, CCLS