Maine Medical Center
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See where some of our recent graduates have gone on to practice medicine.

Joshua Linscott, MD, PhD

Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine
Fellowship: Urologic Oncology Fellowship, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL

Daniel Pitts, MD
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine
Practice: Mount Nittany Health, State College, PA

Christopher Stockdale, MD
Medical School: Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Private Practice: Redding Urologic Associates, Redding, CA
“The greatest strength of the MMC urology residency is the people. The attendings, who have an immense breadth and depth of knowledge, care about how each resident is doing and will work to help them achieve their surgical and professional goals through individualized training and advice. More than this, though, the attendings care personally about each resident. The resident/attending relationship at MMC is unique; residents are treated as colleagues and valued team members. Resident opinions matter. Resident decisions matter and are trusted. Resident wellbeing matters. The relationships I built with the attendings in residency will carry on for the rest of my career. I feel comfortable calling and asking them for professional help and opinions, help on balancing work and life, or just to catch up. I felt extremely well-prepared to start practice upon graduating, and I quickly learned the extent of the excellent training I received. It is robust with significant case volume in nearly every area. And to train in a place like Portland, Maine…such an opportunity. It’s an amazing city right on the ocean with a vibrant social scene and lots of outdoor activities, from the ocean to the mountains. It is one of the greatest places I have ever been lucky enough to live.
Best program in the country, no doubt about it.”

Adam Ludvigsson, MD
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
Fellowship: Endourology Fellowship, Yale School of Medicine
Practice: Yale University

Patrick Murray, MD
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Private Practice: Olympia, Washington
“I am grateful to have completed my Urology residency at Maine Medical Center. It is the people I trained with that make this residency so special. Not only were my attendings highly knowledgeable and provided me with excellent comprehensive urologic training, they were also genuine people who I aspired to be like. I remain in close contact with many of them personally and professionally to this day. I think this is a unique aspect of Maine Medical Center that sets it apart from any other urologic residency.”

Stephen T. Ryan, MD
Medical School: East Carolina University Greenville, NC
Fellowship: Uro-Oncology Fellowship at University of California San Diego 2017-2019
Practice: Maine Medical Partners Urology, South Portland ME
"My clinical and academic experience was phenomenal during residency. The surgical training prepares you for anything; operating independently, extremely advanced techniques with complex patients, or going into a boutique private practice. The residency is in a great setting to allow you to pursue fellowship, which is truly a 50:50 experience with the program. Most importantly, residency is tough no matter where you go, but the faculty treats everyone with respect and is interested in keeping residents happy and pushing them to follow their own passions. I can speak to the atmosphere of collegiality because after residency and fellowship, I wanted to return to Maine Medical Center, where I am currently a faculty member."

Gabriel Belanger, MD
Medical School: Dartmouth School of Medicine, Dartmouth, NH
Practice: Urology- Maine General Hospital Augusta, Maine
“I was the third graduate from the MMC Urology residency. I am currently the Medical Director of Urology at MaineGeneral Urology in Augusta, ME. I am hospital employed and have a wide area of practice. MMC Urology residency prepared me well for what I currently do, without a fellowship. Some of the surgeries I routinely perform independently include PCNL with access, robotic cystectomy, robotic prostatectomy, robotic partial nephrectomy, basic pediatric urologic surgeries (orchiopexy, hydrocelectomy, circumcision, etc.), urethroplasty, Peyronie's surgery, and many others. I feel very comfortable with the wide array of surgeries I perform given the extensive training I had at MMC Urology.”

Maria Voznesensky, MD
Medical School: University of Connecticut
Fellowship: Female Reconstructive Urology and voiding Dysfunction, University of Iowa
Practice: LVPG Urology, Allentown PA

Otto Sandoval, MD
Medical School: Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Practice: Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown, New York
“I feel very fortunate and privileged to have trained at the MMC Urology Residency Program. Being the largest hospital in Maine and a referral center, it allowed me to see a gamut of urological disease, to be involved teaching of medical students, to have access to research, and to have mentoring under outstanding faculty. I always felt I had significant autonomy while having outstanding supervision. The atmosphere is one of academia, and at the same time it was all very friendly with great camaraderie amongst the residents and faculty. The rigorous training has allowed me to feel comfortable with all aspects of urological care and urological surgery. More so, Portland is a vibrant city full of great people and things to do, plenty of restaurants and bars, breweries to enjoy with family and friends.”