Maine Medical Center
three men working together at a computer monitory in a pharmacy setting


Maine Medical Center is a small yet strong academic center. Our faculty have trained at top notch institutions from all over the country bringing diverse backgrounds and experience. Our pharmacy residents are able to benefit from this as they are well-integrated in the multi-disciplinary teams caring for patients. Residents are accepted by providers and included on rounds.

When residents and other faculty members are asked to describe the teaching environment at MMC, words such as supportive, motivated and collegial are often used.

Here is what current/past residents and providers have to say about our highly-trained faculty:

“The preceptors at MMC are exceptional and were one of the biggest reasons why I am glad that I completed my residency here. They are truly dedicated educators that are invested in their residents’ learning. The preceptors were balanced; they pushed me when I needed to get out of my comfort zone while also supporting me when I felt uncertain.” Kayla (Harris) Logie

“The learning experience I had as a PGY1 at MMC influenced me to pursue my PGY2 here as well. All of the pharmacy staff and preceptors are extremely knowledgeable and eager to teach! This creates a welcoming and motivating environment for learning. I’m lucky to be taught by and practicing pharmacy with highly trained pharmacists.” Sierra Ferreira

“The involvement of our pharmacists as part of the interdisciplinary patient care team, which includes attending and resident physicians, nurses, advanced providers and respiratory therapists, is more integrated here at Maine Medical Center than at other large academic centers I have worked. Pharmacists truly act as partners in patient care, benefitting everyone involved and providing excellent learning opportunities.” Sunil P. Malhotra, MD, Director of Congenital Cardiac Surgery

“I have been extremely privileged to have the opportunity to work with innumerable MMC pharmacists over the past 31 years. Not only have my patients benefitted from their expertise on a daily basis, but my knowledge base is also frequently expanded after my communications with them. I currently work very closely with 3 board certified ID Pharmacists and am humbled every day by their antibiotic expertise as well as their willingness to help in any way that they can. I cannot fathom what it would be like to not have them as an integral member of my team on a daily basis.” Patricia Stogsdill, MD, Infectious Diseases Physician and Co-Director Antimicrobial Stewardship Program