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Medical Student Electives

Below you will find 4th year medical student electives available in general psychiatry. 

This experience will provide the student with a more advance understanding of both assessment and treatment planning for psychiatric patients, as well as a sense of responsibility for the care of patients. In addition to individual psychopathology, the medical student will gain an understanding of inpatient psychiatry and the application of the therapeutic community to the treatment of psychiatric inpatients.

This rotation is either based at MMC on P6, or at Spring Harbor Hospital

The MMC inpatient unit (P6) is largely populated by patients with a combination of medical and psychiatric illness, and by patients with dementia. Acting Interns (AI) at MMC will work under the direct supervision of an attending psychiatrist. They will have primary responsibility for up to 5 inpatients at a time during their work on a 21-bed medical/psychiatric unit. This includes responsibility for admission, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Acting Interns will work in conjunction with other treatment staff including nursing, occupational therapy, and social work. With appropriate supervision, the Acting Intern will evaluate family dynamics relevant to the patient’s hospitalization. Finally, the Acting Intern will participate in didactics and case conferences.

Spring Harbor Hospital (SHH) is a free-standing psychiatric hospital with a wide variety of psychopathology. Students must have their own transportation for this placement. Students will work on the adult unit, with responsibilities for up to 5 inpatients at a time, with similar responsibilities as above. The attending staff are all members of the MMC Faculty, and MMC psychiatry residents often work side by side with the AI.

Acting Interns are scheduled for two weekday and two weekend calls during the course of the month. Call takes place at MMC. Weekday call is from 4-10 pm and weekend call is from 8am - 8pm. While on call, AIs are supervised by residents. Duties include evaluation of patients in the Psychiatric Emergency Department, P6 admissions, and emergent psychiatric consultation on medical/surgical floors.

Students may apply for the Psychiatry AI at MMC by completing our Application form.

Students will gain a better understanding of, and proficiency in, the evaluation and mental status examination of the child psychiatric patient. Students will also gain experience and understanding in the evaluation of the family.

Supervised clinical experiences in child psychiatry include the outpatient clinic and the inpatient consultation service. Students participate with a team consisting of a psychiatric resident and psychiatric social worker. All evaluations are supervised by one of the attending child psychiatrists. Evaluations include individual assessment of the child, family evaluation, and history gathering from the school and other community agencies. The student also participates in pediatric consultations performed in the Department of Pediatrics at MMC. Students are encouraged to attend a broad array of seminars and case conferences available through the Division of Child Psychiatry and the Department of Psychiatry.

Students may apply for the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry senior rotation at Maine Medical Center by completing our Application Form. 

Students will be based either in the Psychiatric Emergency Department or with the Inpatient Consultation Liaison Team. Under the supervision of attending psychiatrists, students will enhance their skills in psychiatric interviews, the mental status examination, psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Students will gain a first-hand understanding of the role of the psychiatrist in the setting of the general hospital, while enhancing their appreciation for the interplay between medical and psychiatric diagnoses. They will participate in case conferences, Grand Rounds, and other departmental educational activities where appropriate.

Students may apply for the Emergency or Consultation Psychiatry senior rotation at Maine Medical Center by completing our Application form.

This elective involves experiences with psychiatric clinical/consultation services available in the multicultural environment that is the United States Territory of Guam, located in the Western Pacific. While focused on behavioral health services offered at the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center (formerly the Guam Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse), the United States Naval Hospital Guam, and Isa Psychological Services at the University of Guam, a specific interest in psychiatry is not required. Indeed, these clinical experiences are applicable, helpful, and useful across medical specialties.

The trainee will enhance his/her interviewing and overall clinical skills through exposure to an ethnically diverse population, yet in a professionally supportive setting. The trainee will become more comfortable with cultural diversity and accordingly develop cultural competency skills through immersion in a multicultural environment.

Students may apply for the Guam rotation by completing our Application Form.

This experience is designed to improve clinical competence, attitudes, and knowledge for working with transgender and gender diverse patients. Students will learn how mental health and medical needs are addressed in a multidisciplinary setting.

This elective rotation is based at The Gender Clinic, an outpatient program of The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. This program is dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of transgender, gender diverse and questioning youth across Northern New England. They provide treatment to children, adolescents, young adults, and their families. To learn more about the program, please visit

During this elective, medical students will rotate with members of our multi-disciplinary team to learn about health care of gender diverse and transgender children, adolescents, young adults and their families. The student will spend time with the mental health providers of our team including LCSWs and child and adolescent psychiatrists, and with the medical team including pediatric endocrinology and adolescent medicine providers. Students will participate in interprofessional weekly team meetings, where challenging clinical cases and ethical dilemmas are discussed with the input of spiritual care and ethics. Students are expected to challenge their own internal and external biases and assumptions and will have a mentor within the program to support this reflection and growth. Students will be evaluated based on professionalism, medical knowledge, attitudes and their final project.

Students may apply for the Gender Clinic senior rotation at Maine Medical Center by completing our Application Form.

For more information regarding any of the above listed psychiatry electives, please call 207-662-7142.