Maine Medical Center
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Medical Student Opportunities

4th Year Student Elective

The department of Radiology welcomes fourth year medical students for a one month rotation during the months of Feb-May and July-November each year. Enrollment is limited to four each month so please schedule early and notify us of any changes as soon as possible.

This rotation covers a variety of radiology subspecialties and takes place at the Bramhall campus in Portland. During this month you will be able to review relevant anatomy, pathophysiology, technology and performance of examinations as it relates to the daily practice of radiology. You will become familiar with the digital aspects of modern radiology and the archiving and communication systems.

Medical students will be required to present two interesting cases encountered during your rotation month. The cases will be presented to the radiology residents and attendings during a noon conference the last week of your rotation. Once you have completed the month with us you will also have a better understanding if you would like to become a radiologist.

Applications are accepted through the Visiting Students Learning Opportunities (VSLO).

For more elective information please contact Kimberly Murphy or call 207-662- 7142.