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TUSM MMC Maine Track Program

Learn more about if the TUSM MMC Maine Track Program is right for you. Hear from current medical students about their experience along with faculty and administration about their passion for the program.

In 1970, Maine Medical Center (MMC) became a major clinical teaching center for Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM), a relationship which lasted through July of 1980. Between 1980 and 2011, MMC was the principal affiliate of the University of Vermont College of Medicine, with third-year clerks training in all the major MMC clinical departments. In 2008, MMC and TUSM signed an agreement to collaborate in delivering a unique and innovative medical school curriculum designed to support better access to care and a stronger health care workforce in Maine.

TUSM, in partnership with MMC, offers the Maine Track program for applicants who are interested in an innovative curriculum that offers clinical training experiences in the unique aspects of rural practice as well as training at major tertiary medical center. Both TUSM and MMC are aggressively pursuing support that will allow Maine Track students to attend medical school without unusual financial hardship. Grant support, philanthropy and state funding continues to be sought to subsidize tuition for Maine Track students, with the goal of reducing the tuition to a level comparable to in-state tuition at a regional medical school within a public university. To date, twenty $25,000 scholarships have been established and are awarded each year to incoming students.

All applicants with an interest in the practice of rural medicine or a desire to practice in Maine are encouraged to apply. Graduates of the program will receive a combined diploma from TUSM and MMC with the hope that many will establish medical practice in Maine.

Our Learning Environment

Our program offers exceptional learning opportunities in a variety of environments. The Katahdin Learning Center offers welcoming student study spaces and classrooms. Hospital experience ranges from our main teaching hospital to critical access hospitals in rural communities. Unique experiences include competency-based apprenticeships in primary care and longitudinal integrated clerkships.

I’m a Maine Tracker! Being a Med Student

Learn from current medical students, deans and faculty about what it’s like to be part of the Maine Track community.

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