Maine Medical Center

Scholarly Work & Enduring Materials

Donald Gemson Resident Award

  • 2023: Grace Price, MD MPH
  • 2021: E. Katherine Nenninger, MD MPH

Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine

  • Tina Holt, MD MSc FACPM

Community collaboration Award, Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine (CCSME)

  • 2021: Leadership in Preventive Medicine Fellowship

Founder’s Award, Leadership in Preventive Medicine Fellowship

  • 2023: Marin Johnson, MS
  • 2022: Wendy Osgood, MS
  • 2021: Michael Roy, MD
  • 2020: Sharon McDonnell, MD, MPN, BSN & R. Gib Parrish, MD MPH
  • 2019: Tina Holt, MD MSc, FACPM
  • 2018: Jo Linder, MD
  • 2017: Ann Skelton, MD, Peter Bates, MD, Deb Deatrick, MPH


Substance Use Disorder Provider Education Materials

Strategies for Addressing COVID-19

  • Collaboration among MMC, LPM, and UNE with funding from AAMC. 

Just in Five: Brief informational training videos for physicians on behavioral health techniques

COVID –19 Vaccination Campaign Video

Project ECHO

  • Overcoming Barriers to Immigrant Healthcare (2021-2022)
  • Improving Clinical Care with Community Health Workers (2022-2023)


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