Maine Medical Center

Patient Testimonials

We couldn't have said it better ourselves ...

"I can honestly say we had the best experience possible at Maine Medical Center. The nurses were beyond helpful and comforting. We are first-time parents and really appreciated all of the advice, feedback, and overall help with our newborn. Thank you all again for helping us get our baby started off in the right direction."

"The nurses that cared for me and my baby during my entire stay went above and beyond and I cannot thank them enough. They made me comfortable, communicated with me in a caring and respectful manner, advocated for me, and were amazing and knowledgeable at their jobs overall. It was because of them that my experience at the hospital went as well as it did. I was under immense stress and had ongoing pain and they did everything they could to ensure that I was well cared for."

 "Doctors, nurses, and staff at Maine Med are amazing. They made me feel very cared for and comfortable. They really took time to sit, talk and explain things to me without making me feel as if they were running out the door. At Maine Med, I truly feel cared for as a human, not just a patient number. Thank you."

"My husband and I cannot say enough good things about our experience at Maine Medical Center during the birth of our daughter. From the moment we arrived at Labor and Delivery to our discharge from the Mother Baby Unit we were treated with the utmost respect, compassion and thorough care from every doctor, nurse, CRNA and staff member we worked with. The quality of the care we received along with the support, resources and encouragement of our care team have left us feeling prepared and ready to care for our first child at home."

 "I had the most wonderful experience while I was at Maine Med to deliver my baby. My L&D nurse eased all my concerns, explained everything to me and was there for me in a way I didn’t know I needed someone to be. She listened to me and I knew I could ask her anything. I’ll never forget the kindness and care she showed me. I won’t be going anywhere else but Maine Med for my care and my families care."

"From the anesthesiologists, to the nurses, to the CNAs, to my OB, the residents, everyone was amazing and so caring. My night nurse specifically on mother/baby was one of the best nurses I’ve ever been around: she just knew what I needed and anticipated what I needed so well. I was so glad to have her both nights on mother/baby! The nurses in the OR for my c section were so great, they remained calm when my baby was having breathing difficulties and as a result I remained calm. Anesthesia made sure I was as comfortable as possible and I couldn’t have had a better experience. Thank you to all."

"The nurses were excellent! Every single person I dealt with, from food services, office staff, desk workers, nursing assistants, nurses, and doctors were so polite, helpful, and kind. I have had 8 babies, and two were born here. You have the best nursing staff I have ever met. My baby girl ended up being in the NICU. I am so blown away by the kindness and skill of all the doctors and nurses we encountered. Thank you for everything your hospital does!"

"I had an excellent experience at MMC for my labor/delivery and mother/baby care. Everyone we interacted with was professional, kind, and skilled. My husband and I often commented that it felt like we were the only people on the unit (because the care was so attentive), even though I know it was busy while we were there. When my baby had trouble with her heart rate during delivery, it was a very scary time, but I felt in such good hands with the team that was there and I was so happy to be at MMC instead of another hospital. I was impressed with how easily and quickly extra help was available for the nurses as it was needed (for big and small issues). Thanks to this team we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and have had a wonderful start to parenthood. Thank you all!"