A Matter of Balance Online Data Entry System

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The Matter of Balance (MOB) Online Data Entry System* lets you immediately enter, manage and report on your MOB program data, including:

  • Participant Demographics
  • Pre and post surveys
  • Session and participant-level attendance
  • Class information
  • Class implementation site and Master Trainer organization data
  • Coach information
  • Master Trainer information

Once you register to use the system, you can log in from any computer with an internet connection.

We strongly encourage Master Trainer sites to register with the Matter of Balance Online Data Entry System to be a part of the national data collection. With support from the U.S. Administration on Aging and the National Council on Aging, Senior Services developed this web-based system that will permit all of us to continue to obtain high quality and timely data. Reports generated from this data are valuable for everyone -- participants, community sites, funders and policymakers. These reports are helping the evidence-based movement not only locally in your own communities, but nationally.

* Developed on the secure web-based Salesforce platform with support from the US Administration on Aging and the National Council on Aging.

Data Collection Forms

We have made the forms available for Master Trainers to download and print for use with the online data entry system. If you are not registered with the system, you may still use the forms to collect your own data. 

Forms (Attendance Sheet, First and Last Class Surveys, Class Evaluation)

Forms - Spanish

Data Collection Forms for Class Participants with Low Vision

The Matter of Balance First and Last Class Surveys and Class Evaluation Forms are available in 12-point font and 20-point font for visually impaired participants.

Forms in 12-Point Font

Forms in 20-Point Font

Download the flyer for more information about the Matter of Balance Online Data Entry System. 
If you have questions before, during or after the registration process, please contact Senior Services at mobdata@seniorservices.org.

Contact Us

For more information about A Matter of Balance, please contact Partnership for Healthy Aging:




  • The fee to register is $200 per user per year.
  • There are two choices for user type: data entry and admin.
  • Register as a "data entry" user if you want access to participant-level data for the Master Trainer Organization(s) for which you will enter data, as well as viewing/editing the data for sites, coaches and classes.
  • Register as an "admin" user if you do not need access to the individual participant data, but would like to see roll-ups of the participant data in reports. You will also be able to view/edit the data for sites, coaches and classes.