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Supply Orders

Due to disruptions in the global supply chain, we have been experiencing atypical shortages and backorders of many of our regularly used phlebotomy supplies. Because of these shortages, your order may not be filled to the level requested.

As we manage our inventory, we will do our best to make sure you have the supplies you need. In the event a critical item is unavailable, please review this page for updates. Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times.

For acceptable specimen container alternatives, please search the requested test (i.e. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) in the NorDx test catalog. Tube alternatives will be listed in the “Preferred Container” and/or “Acceptable Alternative Container” sections. View the NorDx Test Catalog

drawing of a laboratory tube with a green cap and matching swab

Approved Replacement

laboratory tube with a blue cap and matching swab
Replacement Supplies: BBL™ CultureSwab™ (Green cap. Small swab tip, soft aluminum shaft. Amies liquid transport medium) is currently on backorder. Can be substituted with the blue cap swab containing the Amies liquid. 

As of 10/22/2021:

Items on Backorder

  • Castile Hygienic towelettes for urine collection – No ETA for resupply
  • Centrifuges are on order, awaiting shipments from vendor

Limited Supplies

  • Mint Green PST 3.0ml vacutainer – Clients already notified who will be effected
  • Lavender tops vacutainer
  • Needle holders

As of 10/29/2021:

Items on Backorder

  • Castile Hygienic towelettes for urine collections – No ETA for resupply
  • 23g butterfly needles – NorDx supply my substitute 25g or 21g butterfly needles

Limited Supplies

  • Mint Green PST 3.0ml vacutainer – Clients already notified who are effected
  • All lavender top vacutainers
  • Needle Holder (needle hub) – Back orders arriving slowly so orders may be filled at a reduced quantity

Please note that you may receive less than the quantity you requested so that we provide all of our clients a minimum order quantity. If you have any questions regarding your supply order please contact your NorDx Account Manager for further information.

Supply Requisition Form

To order supplies, please complete our Lab Supply Requisition Form and return it via email or fax.

Note: To utilize the form’s electronic functionality, download/save the form on your desktop and then reopen the document on your desktop.


Fax: 207-396-7848