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NorDx Billing

We've made paying your bill easy and secure.

For Dates of Services prior to February 14, 2022, click the following link to pay by credit card through

For Dates of Services after February 14, 2022 please use our new online payment service through Pay Here

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Learn more about our billing processes below.


We will bill primary insurance plans for your services. We will bill secondary insurance plans with which NorDx has a contractual arrangement. We will provide filing assistance for those secondary insurance plans with which NorDx has no contractual arrangement. It is necessary that you provide us with complete information so that your insurance may be accurately billed. We accept many different types of insurance. Learn more

Please note, each claim requires a valid diagnosis. This information comes from the ordering physician. In the event a diagnosis is not listed on the order accompanying your specimen, claim submission to your insurance will be delayed. You may be asked to assist us by contacting your physician to provide the missing diagnostic information.

Submitting Claim Forms

The requirement for submission of claim forms varies among employers and insurers. You are responsible for the prompt completion and submission of any claim forms required. Most plans that require claim forms will not make any payment until they have received the form. Prompt completion will expedite the clearing of your balance. If you are not sure if a claim form is required for your plan, ask your employer or insurance agent.

Advance Beneficiary Notice

We bill your insurance as a part of our service to you. Please remember that you, not your insurance plan, are ultimately responsible for all charges. We accept personal checks made out to NorDx, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Price Quotes

NorDx is committed to providing consumers with pricing information so they may better anticipate and understand their financial responsibilities and make informed health care decisions. To request pricing estimates/quotes for laboratory testing, please contact the NorDx Customer Service Department, Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at 207-396-7830 or toll free at 800-773-5814

Charity Care

We recognize and accept the Maine Medical Center Charity Care Guidelines. 


In the event of an overpayment, we will credit any existing balance in your name. A credit balance resulting from multiple insurance payments will be refunded to you only after a determination is made of insurance company obligation (coordination of benefits).

Insurance Non-Payment

If your insurance company (except Medicare and Medical Assistance) does not pay within a reasonable period and/or rejects claims in part or full, you may be billed directly for the unpaid balance. Health Insurance Coverage varies and all services may not be covered. We do not negotiate payments with your insurance company and, while terms such as customary, reasonable, or prevailing may be used to limit coverage, payment of our charges remains your obligation. Our billing department will help you answer any billing questions you have and resolve any issues.

Contact our billing team.

Update your Information

Use the following links to make updates to your information. We recommend that you use Chrome, rather than Internet Explorer, as your browser when using these forms:

NorDx provides free care to eligible patients of NorDx clients who are living at up to 200% of the poverty level. Only necessary medical care is given as free care. If you do not qualify for free medical care, you may ask for a fair hearing. We will tell you how to apply for a free hearing.  You will be asked if you have insurance of any kind to help pay for your care. You may also be asked to show that insurance or a government program will not pay for your care.

 Free Care Guideline  Maine DHHS Chapter 150 Requirement  NorDx Free Care
Size of Family
150% of FPL  200% of FPL
$19,140 $25,520 
2 $25,860 $34,480 
$32,580 $43,440 
$39,300 $52,400 
$46,020 $61,360 
$52,740 $70,320 
$59,460 $79,280 
$66,180 $88,240 
For each additional person, add  $6,720 89,960 
Discount applied  100%