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Publications & Research

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Selected Faculty Publications/Presentations  

Glotzbach KL, Ward JJ, Marietta J, Eckhauser AW, Winter S, Puchalski MD, Miller TA. The Benefits and Bias in Neurodevelopmental Evaluation for Children with Congenital Heart Disease. Pediatr Cardiol. 2020 Feb;41(2):327-333. doi: 10.1007/s00246-019-02260-7. Epub 2019 Dec 21. PMID: 31865442.

Bendixen K, Beinlich A, Beck B, Hashmi N, Craig A. Pilot study assessing the effect of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) on length of stay in neonates after therapeutic hypothermia. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2021 Jan 1;121(1):97-104. doi: 10.1515/jom-2020-0005. PMID: 33512390.

Richard Byrnes, Micheline Chipman, Zachary Priest, Christine Schreiber, Justin Michaud, Tracie Barbour, Michael Ferguson, Wendy Craig & Leah Mallory (2021) Factors associated with interprofessional engagement in debriefing following pediatric simulation-based team training, Journal of Interprofessional Care, DOI: 10.1080/13561820.2021.1928027

Lavau CP, Aumann WK, Sze SK, Gupta V, Ripple K, Port SA, Kehlenbach RH, and Wechsler DS. The SQSTM1-NUP214 fusion protein interacts with Crm1, activates Hoxa and Meis1 genes, and drives leukemogenesis in mice. PLOS One 2020; 15(4):e0232036. PMID: 32343715.

Aumann WK, Heath JL, Conway AE, Sze SK, Gupta VK, Kazi RR, Tope DR, Wechsler DS, and Lavau CP. Fusion of the CRM1 nuclear export receptor to AF10 causes leukemia and transcriptional activation of HOXA genes. Leukemia 2021; 35(3):876-880. PMID: 32733011.

Sze SK, Lederman HM, Crawford TO, Wangler MF, Lewis AM, Kastan MB, Dibra HK, Taylor AMR, Wechsler DS. Retrospective diagnosis of ataxia-telangiectasia in an adolescent patient with a remote history of T-cell leukemia. J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2021; 43(1):e139-e140. PMID: 31743320.

Sze SK. Neonatal renal tumors. Clin Perinatol 2021; 48(1):71-81. 

Yang W, Devidas M, Liu Y, Smith C, Dai Y, Winick N, Hunger SP, Loh ML, Raetz EA, Larsen EC, Carroll WL, Winter SS, Dunsmore KP, Mattano LA, Relling MV, Karol SE. Genetics of osteonecrosis in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia and general populations. Blood. 2021 Mar 18;137(11):1550-1552

Ottolini MC, Chua I, Campbell J, Ottolini M, Goldman E. Pediatric Hospitalists' Performance and Perceptions of Script Concordance Testing for Self-Assessment. Acad Pediatr. 2021 Mar;21(2):252-258. doi: 10.1016/j.acap.2020.10.003. Epub 2020 Oct 14. PMID: 33065290.

Liu Y, Yang W, Smith CA, Cheng C, Karol SE, Larsen EC, Winick N, Carroll WL, Loh ML, Raetz EA, Hunger SP, Winter SS, Dunsmore KP, Devidas M, Yang JJ, Evans WE, Jeha S, Pui CH, Inaba H, Relling MV. Class II Human Leukocyte Antigen Variants Associate With Risk of Pegaspargase Hypersensitivity. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2021 Mar 26.

Jacola LM, Baran J, Noll RB, Willard VW, Hardy KK, Embry L, Hullmann SE, Larsen EC, Winick N, Kairalla JA. Adaptive functioning and academic achievement in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A report from the Children's Oncology Group. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2021 Apr;68(4):e28913

LaBotz, Michele. (April 17-18, 2021) Keeping the head out of the game: a 2021 update on concussion management. Practical Pediatrics. American Academy of Pediatrics, Virtual presentation.

LaBotz, Michele. (April 17-18, 2021) Staying safe and healthy: impact of exercise and sport on mental health in children and adolescents. Practical Pediatrics. American Academy of Pediatrics, Virtual presentation.

LaBotz, Michele. (April 17-18, 2021) Lower extremity examination: overview, demonstration and hands-on practice. Practical Pediatrics. American Academy of Pediatrics, Virtual presentation.

LaBotz, Michele. (April 17-18, 2021) Growing an athlete. Practical Pediatrics. American Academy of Pediatrics, Virtual presentation.

Gupta S, Wang C, Raetz EA, Schore R, Salzer WL, Larsen EC, Maloney KW, Mattano LA Jr, Carroll WL, Winick NJ, Hunger SP, Loh ML, Devidas M. Impact of Asparaginase Discontinuation on Outcome in Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Report From the Children's Oncology Group. J Clin Oncol. 2020 Jun 10;38(17):1897-1905. doi: 10.1200/JCO.19.03024. Epub 2020 Apr 10

Salzer W, Burke M, Devidas M, Yunfeng D, Gore L, Hilden J, Larsen E, Borowitz M, Wood B, Winick N, Carroll W, Raetz E, Loh M, Hunger S. Impact of Intrathecal Triple Therapy Versus Intrathecal Methotrexate on Disease-Free Survival for High-Risk B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Children’s Oncology Group Study AALL1131, J Clin Oncol 2020, 38(23):2628-2638.

Winick N, Devidas M, Borowitz M, Bowman P, Larsen E, Pullen J, Carroll W, Hunger S, Carroll, Camitta B. Randomized Assessment of Delayed Intensification and Two Methods of Parenteral Methotrexate Delivery in Childhood B-ALL. Children’s Oncology Group Studies P9904 and P9905. Leukemia 2020, 34(4):1006-1016.

Avila L, Cullinan N, White M, Gaballah M, Cahill AM, Warad D, Rodriguez V, Tarango C, Hoppmann A, Nelson S, Kuhn T, Biss T, Weiss A, Temple M, Amaral JG, Amiri N, Xavier AC, Renzi S, Brandão LR. Pediatric May-Thurner Syndrome - Systematic Review and Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis. J Thromb Haemost. 2021 Mar 2

Sparber-Sauer M, Orbach D, Navid F, Hettmer S, Skapek S, Corradini N, Casanova M, Weiss A, Schwab M, Ferrari A. Rationale for the use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in the treatment of paediatric desmoid-type fibromatosis. Br J Cancer. 2021 Mar 15

Weiss AR, Portnoy M, Whiting J, Dileo P. Successful implementation of an international desmoid tumor virtual tumor board: A novel platform for the management of rare tumors. Rare Tumors. 2020 Dec 29

Weiss AR, Chen YL, Scharschmidt TJ, Chi YY, Tian J, Black JO, Davis JL, Fanburg-Smith JC, Zambrano E, Anderson J, Arens R, Binitie O, Choy E, Davis JW, Hayes-Jordan A, Kao SC, Kayton ML, Kessel S, Lim R, Meyer WH, Million L, Okuno SH, Ostrenga A, Parisi MT, Pryma DA, Randall RL, Rosen MA, Schlapkohl M, Shulkin BL, Smith EA, Sorger JI, Terezakis S, Hawkins DS, Spunt SL, Wang D. Pathological response in children and adults with large unresected intermediate-grade or high-grade soft tissue sarcoma receiving preoperative chemoradiotherapy with or without pazopanib (ARST1321): a multicentre, randomized, open-label, phase 2 trial. Lancet Oncol. 2020 Aug;21(8):1110-1122. doi: 10.1016/S1470-2045(20)30325-9.

Hawkins, DS, Black JO, Orbach D, Scharschmidt TJ, Scheer M, Terezakis SA, Venkatramani R, Weiss AR. Chapter 26. Nonrhabdomyosarcoma Soft-Tissue Sarcomas; In: Pizzo & Poplack's Pediatric Oncology 8th Edition. Editors: Adamson PC, Blaney SM, Helman LJ; Peter C. Wolters Kluwer Health, 2020.

Miller, T. A., Lisanti, A. J., Witte, M. K., Elhoff, J. J., Mahle, W. T., Uzark, K. C., . . . Butler, S. C. (2020). A Collaborative Learning Assessment of Developmental Care Practices for Infants in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. J Pediatr. doi:10.1016/j.jpeds.2020.01.043

Gabrielson, S. M. B., Carwile, J. L., O'Connor, A. B., & Ahrens, K. A. (2020). Maternal opioid use disorder at delivery hospitalization in a rural state: Maine, 2009-2018. Public Health, 181, 171-179. doi:10.1016/j.puhe.2019.12.014

Craig AK, McAllister LM, Evans S, Melendi ME. Telemedicine consults to assess neonatal encephalopathy are feasible in the neonatal intensive care unit [published online ahead of print, 2020 Sep 21]. J Perinatol. 2020;10.1038/s41372-020-00828-3. doi:10.1038/s41372-020-00828-3

Asrani P, Pinto NM, Puchalski MD, Ou Z, Silver RM, Zinkhan EK, Heuser CC, Nance A, Miller TA. Maternal Predictors of Disparate Outcomes in Children with Single Ventricle Congenital Heart Disease. J Am Heart Assoc. 2020 Jun 16;9(12):e014363. doi: 10.1161/JAHA.119.014363. Epub 2020 Jun 9.PMID: 32515252

Zubrow ME, Margulies SS, Yehya N (2020) Nordihydroguaiaretic acid reduces secondary organ injury in septic rats after cecal ligation and puncture. PLOS ONE 15(8): e0237613.