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Our curriculum is organized in a “4+2” block scheduling format, which features alternating blocks of 4 weeks (predominately inpatient service blocks, night float, consult rotations, and electives) and 2 weeks (predominately continuity clinic, outpatient medical specialties, quality improvement, administrative time, and vacation).

4 Week Block

Rotation Title R1 (total weeks) R2 (total weeks) R3 (total weeks)
General Medicine Inpatient (Days) 10 4 10-12
General Medicine Inpatient (Nights) 2 4 (2 weeks at a time x 2) 0
Critical Care Medicine 4 4 4
Inpatient Cardiology/CICU (Med C) 4 4 0
Inpatient Hem/Onc 2 4 0
Inpatient Nephrology Transplant 2 0 0
C-A-T Night Float (Cards/Hem-Onc/Nephro) 2 0 4 (2 weeks at a time x 2)
Other (2-4 weeks) Emergency Medicine
Inpatient Geriatrics Consult
Inpatient Neurology Consult
Rural Medicine
Inpatient Renal Consult
Inpatient Infectious Diseases
Inpatient Pulmonary Consult
Inpatient GI Consult
VA Medical Specialties
Electives 2 6 8

2 Week Block

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:30-8:30 AM Morning Report Morning Report Grand Rounds* Morning Report Board Review
Morning Continuity Clinic Specialty Clinic** M&M Conference,
Personal Practice Management Time,
Quality Improvement
Specialty Clinic**/Elective Specialty Clinic**/Elective
Mid-Day Pre-Clinic Conference   Pre-Clinic Conference Intern Report Pre-Clinic Conference  
Afternoon Continuity Clinic Specialty Clinic** Continuity Clinic Continuity Clinic Academic Half-Day

*Grand Rounds time is 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

** Specialty Clinic Themes:

  • R1 Year: Endocrinology, Nephrology, Neurology, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Women’s Health, Bramhall (MMC Urgent Care, MMC Dermatology Clinic, MMC International Clinic)

  • R2 Year: Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, Palliative Care, Bramhall (MMC Urgent Care, MMC Dermatology Clinic, MMC International Clinic)

  • R3 Year: Cardiology, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Surgical Specialties, Bramhall (MMC Urgent Care, MMC Dermatology Clinic, MMC International Clinic)

Continuity Clinic: Resident continuity clinic locations include MMC (Bramhall Campus), Maine Medical Partners Westbrook Internal Medicine, and the Portland VA Clinic. Each resident has their own panel of patients as part of a larger three resident coverage team (one resident from each 4+2 “track”).

Vacations: 4 weeks per year which come out of the “+2 weeks”

Longitudinal Curriculum Weeks:

  • R1 Year: Foundations of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
  • R2 Year: Evidence-Based Medicine
  • R3 Year: Patient Safety: Root Cause Analysis/M&M