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Our faculty has a rich diversity of interests, experience, and expertise. Most of our faculty did their residency training at MMC and have been with the residency program for years but we also have a few newcomers.

All share an enthusiasm for teaching and value the core tenets of family medicine. Most of our attendings precept, provide patient care at their primary clinic site, and attend on the family medicine inpatient service. Several also care for pregnant women.

Bouchard Mark 12

Mark Bouchard, M.D.


Medical School: University of Vermont
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Fellowship: Maine Medical Center Primary Care Sports Medicine
Joined MMC/MMP: 1999
Medical/Professional Interests: Sports Medicine, addiction treatment, chronic pain management
Subspecialty: Sports Medicine
Personal Interests: Cycling, golfing, cross-country skiing and landscaping

Margaret Curran, MD

Margaret Curran, MD


Medical School: Tufts (Maine Track)
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Joined MMC/MMP: 2019
Medical/Professional Interests: Women’s health, obstetrics, newborn care, adolescent health care, palliative care
Personal Interests: Triathlon, running, baking, crossword puzzles.

Cyr Peggy 05

Peggy R. Cyr, M.D., M.S.

Director Medical Student Education; Assistant Program Director, Residency Program

Medical School: University of Vermont
Residency: Maine Medical Center/Mercy Hospital, including a 4th year as chief resident
Joined MMC/MMP: 1991
Medical/Professional Interests: Care of the skin, Womb to tomb healthcare
Subspecialty: Masters in Medical Education Leadership
Personal Interests: Walking, Hiking, Kayaking

Der Simonian Kohar 15

Kohar Der Simonian, M.D.

Faculty Physician

Medical School: University of Vermont
Residency: University of California San Francisco
Fellowship: Beth Israel Family Medicine, Reproductive Health and Advocacy, New York, NY
Joined MMC/MMP: 2015
Medical/Professional Interests: Women’s health contraceptive management, miscarriage management, options counseling
Subspecialty: Family Planning
Personal Interests: All things Armenian, including the Kardashians, and all the other things that make life enjoyable: eating, drinking, and a good run

Gillespie Heather 15

Heather Gillespie, M.D., MPH, FACSM

Program Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship

Medical School: Duke University
Residency: Thomas Jefferson University
Fellowship: Maine Medical Center Sports Medicine
Joined MMC/MMP: 2015
Medical/Professional Interests: Sports Medicine, Pediatric Sports Medicine, Pediatric Fractures, Female Athlete Triad
Subspecialty: Sports Medicine
Personal Interests: Swimming, biking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), enjoying the Maine coast and spending time with my family and two Labrador retrievers 

Joel Guarna, PhD

Joel Guarna, PhD

Behavioral Health Faculty Lead

Medical School: Bowling Green State University, PhD in Psychology, 2000
Internship: Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology
Fellowship: Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychology/Substance Use Disorders at VA Boston Healthcare System
Joined MMC/MMP: 2016
Joined Family Medicine Practice: 2019
Sub-specialty: Addiction (Master Addiction Counselor through NAADAC)
Medical/Professional Interests: Behavioral Medicine and Health Psychology, Resident Education, Chronic Pain, Chronic Disease Management, Addiction, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Evolutionary Psychology and Medicine
Personal Interests: Reading, cooking, running, hiking, exploring Maine

Haskins Amy

Amy Haskins, PhD

Research Navigator

Education: PhD in Epidemiology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Joined MMC/MMP: 2006; Joined Family Medicine in 2014
Medical/Professional Interests: Epidemiology, study design and research methodology
Personal Interests: Hiking, calligraphy, knitting, being outdoors in all seasons with my family.

Hayes Victoria 10

Vicki Hayes, M.D.

Faculty Physician

Medical School: Ohio State University
Residency: University of Vermont
Joined MMC/MMP: 1993
Medical/Professional Interests:Medical Education, Med Ed Research, college health
Subspecialty: Adolescent Medicine
Personal Interests: Yoga, animal care, scrapbooking, spending time with family

Holt Christina 05

Christina Holt, M.D., MSc, M.A.

Research Director, Department of Family medicine

Medical School: Stanford University School of Medicine
Residency: Swedish Hospital
Fellowship: Boston University, Preventive Medicine Residency and Research Fellowship
Joined MMC/MMP: 2005
Medical/Professional Interests: Research on Medical Education, Addiction, Obstetric Care; Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Rural Health care delivery
Subspecialty: General Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Personal Interests: Music, Dancing, outdoor activity, learning foreign languages

McAteer Carly 13

Carly McAteer M.D.

Residency Program Director

Medical School: University of Nevada
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Joined MMC/MMP: 2003
Medical/Professional Interests: Maternal and child health, ultrasound, office procedures
Personal Interests: Running, volleyball, cooking, sewing, guitar, doing anything silly with my kids

McGarr Kathleen 10

Kathleen A. McGarr, M.D.

Assistant Residency Program Director; Director Maternal Child Health Service; Chair, MMC Medical Records Committee

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Joined MMC/MMP: 1997
Medical/Professional Interests: Care of pregnant women, newborn and pediatric care, inpatient care
Personal Interests: Live in Falmouth with my husband and 4 adolescent children, gardening, cooking, swim parent

Miller Alison 16

Alison Miller, M.D.

Inpatient Services Director

Medical School: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Residency: Maine Medical Center, including a 4th year as Chief Resident
Joined MMC/MMP: 2015
Medical/Professional Interests:Inpatient Medicine, Addiction Medicine
Subspecialty: Addiction Medicine (coming soon!)
Personal Interests: Hiking, biking, fishing, and books on tape

Adam Normandin, MD

Adam Normandin, MD


Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Joined MMC/MMP: 2018
Medical/Professional Interests: Working with patients experiencing homelessness
Personal Interests: Running, biking, stand-up paddle boarding

Rothenberg Debra 05

Debra Rothenberg, M.D., PhD

Associate Residency Program Director

Medical School: Michigan State University
Residency: Rochester/Highland Hospital
Fellowship: University of Wisconsin Academic Family Medicine
Joined MMC/MMP: 2002
Medical/Professional Interests: Maternal child health/OB, cross-cultural and community medicine, care of the underserved
Personal Interests: Family - husband, 2 sons and a dog, discovering new and beautiful parts of the state with them, travel, cooking, gardening

Samitt Alison 05

Alison Samitt, M.D.

Director of Student Affairs, Maine Track Program

Medical School: Dartmouth
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Joined MMC/MMP: 1996
Medical/Professional Interests: Working with residents and students, Maternal Child Health, Information Mastery, Wellness, Leadership
Subspecialty: N/A
Personal Interests: Running, yoga, skiing, being on the sidelines at my kids sporting events

Schneider Craig 05

Craig Schneider, M.D.

Director of Integrative Medicine

Medical School: Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Fellowship: Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona
Joined MMC/MMP: 2001
Medical/Professional Interests: Integrative medicine, medical acupuncture, nutrition, mind body medicine
Subspecialty: Integrative Medicine
Personal Interests: Walking, hiking, mountain biking

Wilson Elisabeth 17

Elisabeth B. Wilson, M.D., MPH, MS-HPEd

Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Medical School: Tufts University
Residency: University of California, San Francisco, Family and Community Medicine
Fellowship: Health Services Research Fellowship, Family and Community Medicine; National Research Service Award
Joined MMC/MMP: 2017
Medical/Professional Interests: Caring for vulnerable populations; health professions education; family medicine advocacy; and diversity, equity and inclusion.
Personal Interests: Getting to know my wonderful new family medicine community, exploring the Portland area, and hanging out with my dog Max

Wissink Theodore 04

Ted Wissink, M.D.

Attending physician

Medical School: University of Minnesota
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Fellowship: Medical Center, Integrative Medicine
Joined MMC/MMP: 2010
Medical/Professional Interests: Integrative Medicine
Personal Interests: Tennis, mountain biking, skiing and just generally being active with my family