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Breast Health Resources

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Healthy Community Coalition promotes early detection of breast cancer throughout the community, and participates in the Maine Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention Program.  Other funding opportunities make available affordable mammography screenings for all women over age 40.  Healthy Community Coalition is also working with health care providers to find ways to better assist women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Free Mammograms to Maine Women

If you need financial assistance for breast care please contact Cheryl Moody, RN at the Healthy Community Coalition at 779-2214.

Franklin Contacts

Breast Care Support Nurse, Franklin Memorial Hospital
779-2430 or 1-800-398-6031 ext. 2430

Breast and Cervical Health Coordinator, Healthy Community Coalition
 at 779-2926 or (800) 525-3136 ext. 2926

Prosthetic Services
For more information, or to schedule an appointment call the Breast Care Support Nurse
at 779-2430 or 1-800-398-6031 ext. 2430

Dietitian, Franklin Memorial Hospital
779-2656 or (800) 398-6031 ext. 2656

Director/Occupational Health, Physical Rehab & Sports Medicine
779-2256 or (800) 398-6031 ext. 2256


  • Male Breast Cancer - Learn more about male breast cancer through the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
  • - This site allows a participant, or caregiver, to set up a listing of what the family's needs are (meals, transportation, childcare, grocery shopping, errands, etc.). One friend or family member acts as "coordinator", providing friends and family with the password to log onto to the participant's particular page that shows the calendar with the tasks listed. Friends and family can then review the needs and "sign up" for whatever they choose. If this works, it should reduce the number of phone calls to the husband/wife/children, and will ensure that people are providing the services that are most needed by the family. The coordinator can also add/remove tasks as needed. And, once signed up friends and family can even receive automatic confirmations and reminders of their commitments.

    The wife of the man who started the site died of ovarian cancer, and she was very active in the community. He was confronted each day with 15+ phone calls to return from people asking what they could do, and on many days came home to much more food then the family could consume. He found it awkward to ask for assistance over the long course of her treatment, even though people were willing to help. So, he set up this site to coordinate the assistance and eliminate some of the discomfort in both giving and receiving help.

  • Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program - A web site designed to provide you with information on how to receive free mammograms, pap smears and limited diagnostic or follow-up services. Women undergoing treatment for breast or cervical cancer may qualify for Maine Care. Please call 1-800-350-5180 for more information and to see if you qualify.
  • AvonCares Program - This site provides information on the AvonCares Program which provides financial assistance and education and emotional support to low income, under- and uninsured, underserved women throughout the country.
  • - A national non-profit, support & educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer. Weekend retreats offered focus on wellness and provide key resources on issues surrounding breast cancer. The weekend retreats incorporate counseling, educational services and the sport of fly-fishing to promote mental and physical healing.