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Meet the PACE Team

“I love being a paramedic and developing relationships within our department and community. We often see people on their worst days, and comforting patients and making them feel safe during their time of need is one of the things I find most rewarding.

Often, our work takes a mental and physical toll on us. The PACE station is our home away from home, and we often stay there for 24-72 hours shifts. After those emotional calls, we return to our home base and look for a comfortable, secure place to decompress. Unfortunately, the PACE station has not been renovated since it was built in 1990, and our team has outgrown our space. The upgrades of this campaign will address the building’s inadequacies, and I look forward to the transformed space where our team can work, rest and recharge.”

Krista Bureau, Paramedic

Krista Bureau, Paramedic – 11 years of service

“I love many things about being a first responder, from continuing a family legacy to personal fulfillment. However, the one thing I love the most is the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives—often in their darkest hours. To be able to provide that kind of help can’t be rivaled.

This campaign is an opportunity for our community to support our team of emergency responders. We are the ones who are here for you when every second counts, and right now, we need your help. This upgraded space would be an asset for us when we come back from a stressful call and need to decompress and reset mentally. There are many times when we have a very stressful shift that we do not have an opportunity to separate ourselves for any length of time, and this often leads to us taking this cumulative stress home with us.”

Adam Thacker, EMT

Adam Thacker, EMT – 6 years of service

PACE: 2021 By the Numbers




  • 20 Paramedics
  • 10 Advanced EMTs
  • 13 Basic EMTs