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better. together.

With the introduction of the Pen Bay Medical Center and Waldo County General Hospital collaboration first announced at the end of 2014, a new era in the delivery of quality care close to home has begun.

On December 1, 2015 Pen Bay Medical Center and Waldo County General Hospital began operating as one healthcare system with a shared logo. Each center remains the same, we’re simply offering our shared services and programs to the entire region through a new company named Coastal Healthcare Alliance.

Integrated means efficient.

Since the beginning of the collaboration process last fall, we have successfully integrated more than 70 clinical and non-clinical programs. These consolidated programs help us provide high-quality, specialty care to our friends and neighbors in a more efficient way. Which means your safety net just got even stronger.

Two centers. One system.

In many ways, we are at the forefront of healthcare in the state of Maine. Thank you for trusting us with this process. The unification of the two systems in the Midcoast will strengthen the network and provide access to the best healthcare the region has to offer. Becoming one system in an alliance for a healthy Midcoast allows us to work better together for each and every patient—and family—we provide care for.


Coastal Healthcare Alliance has been in preliminary unification discussions with other MaineHealth member organizations. In a series of board votes, MaineHealth members decided that the time was right to engage their communities in this dialogue. Unification Community Forums are being held in all MaineHealth member communities to review the proposed unification and gather feedback from the community.

For more information on the unification dialogue including the Unification Community Form dates in Knox in Waldo Counties, please click here.