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better. together.

Pen Bay Medical Center and Waldo County General Hospital officially began operating as a unified system under the legal name of Coastal Healthcare Alliance on December 1, 2015.  Each center remains the same, we’re simply offering our shared services and programs to the entire region. This collaboration allows us to enhance patient care, control the rising cost of healthcare and improve the health of people in the communities we serve.

Since the beginning of the PBMC/WCGH collaboration process in the fall of 2014, we have successfully integrated more than 70 clinical and non-clinical programs. These consolidated programs help us provide high-quality, specialty care to our friends and neighbors in a more efficient way.

Thank you for trusting us with this process. Becoming one system in an alliance for a healthy Midcoast allows us to work better together for each and every patient—and family—we provide care for.

Executive Committee

Mark Fourre, MD

President, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

Matthew Buchanan

Matt Buchanan, MBA

Vice President of Physician Practices, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

Arthur Durity

Arthur Durity

Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

meggena board

Mark Eggena, PhD, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

Jacob Fongemie

Senior Director and Regional Chief Information Officer, Coastal Healthcare Alliance and LincolnHealth

Rob Fowler, RN, BSN

Vice President of Quality, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

Ellen Leone, RN, MSN

Chief Nursing Officer, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

Denise Needham

Denise Needham, PharmD

Chief Operating Officer, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

Susan Polyot

Susan Polyot

Director of Human Resources

Heather Shanklin, MS, CHFP

Chief Financial Officer, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

Eleanor Willmann

Vice President of Development, Coastal Healthcare Alliance