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Integrated Medication-Assisted Treatment (IMAT)

Helping Patients with Opioid Use Disorder Rebuild Their Lives

Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) is a chronic brain disease that some people can get from taking opioids often. OUD can lead to craving opioids and not being able to stop using them, which can cause major life problems. SMHC, in partnership with MaineHealth and Maine Behavioral Healthcare, helps people in York County suffering from OUD through an Integrated Medication-Assisted Treatment (IMAT) program.

The IMAT program combines talk therapy (either individual or group counseling) with medicines (buprenorphine/suboxone, methadone or naltrexone) that can control cravings and lessen withdrawal symptoms. The medicines help a person feel normal again so they can focus on therapy and rebuild their life. This therapy can continue as long as medically needed.

Where can I find treatment?

IMAT is offered throughout the MaineHealth system, to ensure that patients can get the best quality of care at the level they need, as close to home as possible. In York County, treatment is offered in Biddeford and Springvale.

Expanding Opioid Response in York County

The Rural York County Opioid Consortium, of which SMHC is a member, is working on a strategic plan to identify opportunities and gaps in Opioid Use Disorder prevention, treatment, recovery and support services. Learn more.

Is IMAT right for you or your loved one?

MaineHealth provides Integrated Medication-Assisted Treatment