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Primary Care

Primary care is your first stop for health care. MaineHealth providers focus on your overall health and wellness. Providers who work in the area of primary care have the compassion and skill to care for you and the whole family. MaineHealth primary care offices are conveniently located across the region—and many offer extended hours to accommodate everyone in your family.

Where to Find Care

At MaineHealth, we understand that each patient is an individual with unique health care needs. You can choose the primary care provider who is the best fit for you and your family. There are different types of primary care providers, though all share a special focus on overall health and wellness. Find a primary care provider nearest you.

Our Approach to Care

From newborns to grandparents, all ages and every generation can receive quality health care. Our providers get to know patients as people. They focus on your overall health, not just on a single problem or illness. They order the tests you need, make sure you get the right prescriptions, and refer you to a specialist as needed. If you have a question about your health, talk to your primary care provider first.

Growing Healthy Communities

The MaineHealth family of community doctors, clinics and hospitals work together, so our communities are the healthiest in America. From childhood vaccines to helping seniors stay active, MaineHealth gives people the tools and encouragement to live healthy lives.

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