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Hospital Medicine and Hospitalists

MaineHealth knows hospital medicine means providing the best care for patients in the hospital. Our hospitalists know how to manage complex medical cases. Hospital Medicine is a medical specialty focused on medical care for hospitalized patients.

What is hospital medicine?

Hospital medicine includes clinical care, teaching and research. Hospitalists are specialists in hospital medicine. Their focus is on providing care for patients in the hospital. They may coordinate care with your primary care provider or make sure that your provider understands your needs for care after you leave the hospital.

What are hospitalists?

Hospitalists are full-time physicians whose focus is caring for hospitalized patients. Chances are you will not see your primary care provider while admitted to the hospital. MaineHealth hospitalists are specifically trained to care for patients who have been admitted to a hospital. Patients can rest assured hospitalists can help them find answers, coordinate care and guide them in the right direction during their hospital stays.


  • May be board-certified internists or family medicine doctors.
  • Practice exclusively in a hospital setting.
  • Take over the role of your primary care provider while you are in the hospital.
  • May order more tests, talk to your specialists and oversee your overall care.
  • Will follow up with your primary care provider in the community.

How can I see a hospitalist during my hospital stay?

If your hospital offers hospitalist services, a hospitalist will be referred to you as a hospital inpatient. Prior to your hospital stay, check with your primary care provider or your hospital to see if there are hospitalist services.

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