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Assisted Living and Long Term Care

The Knox Center and Quarry Hill both offer compassionate long-term nursing care services delivered by highly trained professionals. The Knox Center also provides specialized long-term care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss. 

Support Groups

Pen Bay Medical Center and our entities offer a variety of support groups. 

Pen Bay Medical Center’s Senior Services Physician Specialist (SSPS) and nurse practitioner are dedicated exclusively to caring for the residents of Pen Bay Medical Center’s two senior communities— The Knox Center and Quarry Hill. We are proud to be the first organization in Maine to offer this innovative service to our residents.

Meet the Doctor

Maureen Sauvage, DO is Pen Bay Medical Centers Senior Services Physician Specialist.

Meet the Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioner Denise Tailby, ANP, has years of experience in caring for older adults. She received her MSN from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and a post-master’s nurse practitioner certificate from the same institution. She is board-certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Key Benefits

What will it mean to you to have access to an onsite Senior Services Physician Specialist and nurse practitioner?

Consider these advantages:
  • Choice. Residents may elect to see the SSPS or any primary care physician of their choosing.
  • Convenience. In any kind of weather—fair or foul—patients of our onsite physician rest easy, knowing they have access to medical attention when they need it, without having to leave the facility.
  • Cost containment. Controlling healthcare costs benefits everyone—and savings, in the form of improved efficiency, fewer avoidable hospitalizations, and reduced transportation costs, are the icing on the physician-specialist cake.
  • Expedient care. Having an onsite physician practice bypasses common economic and logistical obstacles that make it difficult for many primary care providers to visit their patients in a nursing facility. As a result, nursing-care residents who choose the SSPS option while at Quarry Hill may enjoy more frequent visits with the doctor and a swift response to emergent medical concerns.
  • Reduced hospitalizations. Timely attention from an onsite physician means fewer avoidable hospitalizations.
  • Unified care. SSPS patients benefit from our team approach. From the doctor to the nurses to the therapists, all perspectives are considered in developing each person’s individualized care plan and in making sound medical decisions.

Welcome to the Knox Center. Since 1976, we have been caring for members of mid-coast families and providing them with a loving home where they receive the sophisticated technical care they may require and the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Long Term Care

At the Knox Center’s Long Term Care unit, we focus on offering nursing care in a home-like setting. The Long Term Care unit is a safe and caring place to meet the needs of our patients and their families.

Our trained staff work with you and your loved one to provide high quality care, including:

  • Visits and care from our staff physician or nurse practitioner
  • Nurses who are available 24 hours a day
  • Staff who receive specialized training in caring for older adults
  • Music and activities
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy if needed
  • Wheelchair accessible transportation
  • Hospice and respite care

Memory Care

At the Knox Center’s Memory Care unit, our only focus is caring for people with dementia. Our goal is to make each day of your loved one’s life the best that we can. We do this by providing nursing home level care in a safe, home-like setting, offering support and resources for both you and your loved one.

Our trained staff work with you and your loved one to provide high quality care, including:
  • On-site physician and nurse practitioner
  • Staff who have specialized training in dementia
  • Nurses who are available 24 hours a day
  • Occupational, physical and speech therapy as needed
  • Music and activities tailored to the needs of the residents
  • Wheelchair accessible transportation
  • Hospice and respite care

Skilled Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy is an important part of recovery following joint replacement surgery, stroke, or other medical illnesses. We work closely with you to develop a plan that will return you or your loved one to the highest level of functioning and an independent lifestyle.

Our trained staff work with you and your loved one to provide high quality care, including:

  • Consulting with our staff physician or nurse practitioner
  • Professional social workers to help with discharge planning
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Strength and balance training
  • Ceiling Track Gait – a device that helps build stability and strength
  • Wii Gaming System – a fun tool to improve balance and coordination
  • IV Therapy (if needed)


The Knox Center is conveniently located in historic Rockland, Maine. Victorian homes dot the tree-lined streets, children play in a park next door, the public library is just around the corner and the ocean is a short walk away. In addition to providing the highest standard of care, we aim to offer complete comfort and safety for our patients and their families.

These services include:

  • Menu service for family-style group dining
  • Semi-private bedrooms
  • Use of the common dining and visiting areas
  • Safe outdoor garden access, including large picnic area
  • On-site hair salon service
  • Free wireless internet service
Quarry Hill is mid-coast Maine’s premier extended-care community, offering a full spectrum of retirement living choices for adults 55 plus, including independent and assisted living, as well as short- and long- term nursing care and rehabilitation.
  • Independent Living – Cottage Homes and Apartments
  • Assisted Living – Traditional Care and Specialized Assisted Living for individuals with memory loss.

For more information, visit or call 207-301-6100. 

The Knox Center and Quarry Hill both offer state-of-the-art skilled (short-term) nursing care and rehabilitation, designed to help you continue in your recovery after hospitalization from surgery, stroke, or another medical illness. In skilled care, our goal is to restore your health, vitality, strength and spirit so you can get back to the things you need and want to do as quickly as possible.

Our skilled care centers feature the services of an onsite physician, 24-hour licensed nursing care, as well as rehabilitation services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy (including swallowing), respiratory therapy, and restorative therapies. This group of clinicians works closely with the Social Services, Activities and Dining Services teams to carry out the plan of care established by your physician.

Advance Directives

What do you need to know about Advance Directives?

Palliative Care

Our goal is to promote the best possible quality of life for patients and their families living with a serious or life-threatening illness.