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Cove's Edge Staff Care For Each Other's Parents

October 11, 2017

Deciding if a long term care, memory care, assisted living or skilled rehabilitation facility is right for an aging parent or loved one can be challenging. Adult children often worry their parents won’t be cared for with the same love and attentiveness they deserve.

But for four employees at Cove’s Edge, a long term care and skilled rehabilitation facility, that decision was much easier. They knew their coworkers would care for their parents with compassion, focus, and an open mind.

“Why do I trust my coworkers? Well, I have worked side by side with them for years, I know the care they give,” stated Gwen Waltz who has worked at Cove’s Edge for nearly 16 years. “All of the departments go above and beyond and work together. The building and rooms are always very clean and there are a lot of activities. In the summer, we have weekly cookouts in the Courtyard and in the winter, residents look forward to pizza nights and Taco Tuesdays.”

Waltz’s mother, MaryJane Rines, recently moved into Cove’s Edge from another facility where she did not receive any physical therapy.

“Here at Cove’s Edge, I am working with a physical therapist every day to start” stated Rines. “After the first few weeks of therapy, I could already stand longer and could transition from my bed to my chair without a lift.”

As soon as certified nursing assistant Tim Berry began working at Cove’s Edge four years ago, he knew he wanted his father to live there instead of the long term care facility he resided at.

“My mind is always at ease knowing my dad is here,” stated Berry. “I know a lot of good people are caring for him.”

“There are so many things I like about Cove’s Edge that it is hard to pick a favorite” stated Tim’s father, Paul Berry. “All of the staff are very lovely, I enjoy the music, and the physical therapists are great—sometimes they have me bowl down the hallway or outside in the Courtyard, it’s enjoyable.”

Therapy dogs visit regularly which is a weekly highlight for Linda Sicotte and many other residents. Her husband Daniel looks forward to joking around with the caregivers. Their daughter, Elysha Thompson, has worked at Cove’s Edge as a CNA for one year. 

“It’s the everyday, little things that set the staff here apart” stated Phillis Campbell, mother of CNA Edna Sukeforth. “One day I didn’t feel like eating, so the girls brought me McDonald’s. They will bring me in a milkshake or something special.” Campbell noted that she had never experienced such wonderful care anywhere else.

“There is no one at Cove’s Edge that I wouldn’t trust my mom with,” stated Campbell’s daughter, Edna Sukeforth, CNA. “I am so proud to say I work here. I love my coworkers.” Sukeforth has worked at Cove’s Edge for nearly 14 years.

For more information about award-winning Cove’s Edge, please call 207-563-4600. For more information about employment opportunities, please visit the LincolnHealth Careers website

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