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Hospital Medicine

Maine Medical Partners - Hospital Medicine is an independent group of physicians Board certified in Internal Medicine. They specialize in the care of patients in the hospital. They work in conjunction with your primary care doctor. Your primary care doctor may ask the hospitalist to oversee your care when you are admitted to Maine Medical Center.

At The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital our team of Pediatric Hospital Medicine physicians are specially trained in the care of children and provide coverage 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hospitalist physicians will care for you in the hospital, at the request of your primary care physician. The physicians and a care coordinator work together as a team to give you prompt, high quality health care.

Yes. Each day the doctors caring for you will meet to discuss your care. This sharing of information helps to determine the best treatment for you.

Your hospitalist physician begins patient visits at 7:00am each morning. The sickest patients will be seen first. On most days, patients will be seen before 1:00pm in the afternoon. The hospitalist may visit you more than once a day.

Please do. You and your family are encouraged to ask questions. Ask your doctor to explain anything you do not understand. The more you understand about your illness and treatment, the better it will be for you.

A specialist may be consulted to provide expert opinion and care. The hospitalist will arrange for these consultants and may transfer your care to the specialist. Any details of specialty consultation and care will be given to your and your primary care doctor.

The hospitalist team and care coordinator will work with you to learn your needs. Tell your hospital doctor or the care coordinator if you need assistance (nursing, domestic, meals, transportation, counseling, or financial or insurance advice). Your primary care doctor will be told of the services arranged for you upon discharge from the hospital.

It is recommended that you make an appointment to see your primary care doctor after your hospitalization. After discharge, your primary care doctor takes over for all of your needs, including prescription refills and/or changes in your medications or services. Also, your primary care doctor will provide you with any further results, tests or advice once you are discharged from the hospital.