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Graduate Medical Education Wellness Resources

Sometimes, wellness can be challenging during the rigors of post-graduate training. It is very important to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, so you can fully fully participate in your education and patient care. The Maine Medical Center Department of Medical Education is committed to the well-being of our employees, residents and fellows. Below are some helpful wellness resources and support programs.

Donate Now to Resident and Fellow Wellness

Your generous support will ensure that we can continue important wellbeing interventions and programs to help Maine's future physicians to succeed and stay well!

Wellness Grant Application

Thanks to the generosity of the Department of Medical Education, grant funds for wellness activities are available to MMC residency and fellowship programs, trainee clubs and interest groups. Typical grant amounts are $200 - $500 dollars. We may consider larger grants based on project merit. Complete this form to apply now.

We are here for you.

Do you have a resident/fellow wellness program question, suggestion or concern? Contact the GME Wellness Subcommittee at

Wellness Resources

The wellness subcommittee has designated funds to award MMC residency and fellowship programs to support wellness initiatives. Grants are usually between $200 and $500 dollars, but larger amounts may be considered based on project merit. Complete this form to submit a grant application.

Examples of items that have been funded:

• Development of a free store for residents and fellows that is eventually self-funded through recycling
• Building and implementing programmatic wellbeing curriculum (ex. Culinary medicine curriculum)
• Efforts that enhance mindfulness or resiliency (ex. retreats, courses, podcasts, speakers, workshops)
• Lessons that expand learners’ knowledge or outdoor skills (ex. Skiing and Kayaking)
• Community based interventions that focus on enhancing wellness through philanthropic efforts and volunteerism (collaborating with Maine needs to assemble community kits)
• Physical fitness programs or classes that are focused on the health and wellness of a team and have the potential to continue after grant cycle has ended (starting a cycling or running club)

Examples of items that are out of scope of wellness funds:

• Equipment or upgrades for call rooms and work rooms such as cables, monitors, bedding, chairs)
• Individual clothing or swag
• One-time social events without a skill building, team building, or mentorship component (ex. One night out for the residents or fellows)
• Personal equipment such as apples watches, fitbits, or other tracking devices
• Lack of sustainability moving forward (ex. Paying for one month membership, but lack of plan for future funding)

Each quarter the wellness subcommittee prepares a newsletter highlighting resident accomplishments and providing important wellness resources within Maine Medical Center and the community.

View our latest issue!

Consider using one of these anonymous self-assessment tools if you are wondering about your behavioral health. Use of these tools is completely anonymous and never tracked. If you are concerned about your results, please contact your primary care provider or call LifeBalance Employee Assistance Program at 877-259-3785.

Alcohol Use

Learn about the symptoms of alcohol use disorder and how to rethink drinking.


This confidential questionnaire can help you screen yourself for symptoms of burnout. It will help you identify feelings and experiences you have about your work, so that you can get a feel for whether you might be vulnerable to burnout. 


Use this online tool to screen for depression.  


Are you being kind and loving toward yourself? Learn more with this online self-compassion assessment


Understand how stress can hurt, and take an online stress online assessment

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

If you are struggling with overuse of opioids or other substances, consider using this tool to assess yourself.


Are you experiencing suicidal ideation? Use this online tool to assess your risk.

Work-life Balance

Do you find it difficult to balance the different roles in your life? Take the online work life balance quiz to learn more. 


Maine Medical Center offers many excellent resources for resident and fellows, as well as all employees (and often family members too).

Free Counseling Services for all Residents, Fellows and Faculty

Talkspace is a virtual service that connects care team members with licensed mental health providers for counseling and therapy. Talkspace supports a wide range of needs including: stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance use disorder, sleep, identity struggles, chronic issues, trauma and grief, relationships, healthy living and more.

Start at

Employee Assistance Program

The HealthAdvocate Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all MaineHealth employees and their family members. HealthAdvocate is a free, confidential resource program designed to help you manage whatever challenge you’re facing. Learn more.

Psychology and Psychiatry Support at Maine Medical Center

MMC is committed to ensuring confidential mental health care is available to residents and fellows. While there are several ways to establish such care in the Portland area, including MMC’s Employee Assistance Program, our Department of Graduate Medical Education has also provided for free confidential care here on our campus.

  • If you need to access services, a physician or medication, contact: Daniel Price, MD, Psychiatry Residency Training Director at


MMC’s Peer support program is designed to pair residents or fellows with one of the peer supporters to facilitate free, friendly, and confidential discussion. This program was started in 2021 to support providers during times of emotional stress, including but not limited to adverse patient events, critical incidences, and personal or professional events. Individuals may refer themselves to the program or may be referred by a concerned colleague. Several residents have completed the training and are active peer to peer support volunteers.

Lactation Rooms

Lactation rooms are available throughout the Coulombe Family Tower, where our Family Birth Center is located.

Portland Nannies

Portland Nannies can pair your family with a nanny. They also have a roster of vetted babysitters for emergency childcare needs.

Free Gym Access

World’s Gym is free to all residents and fellows, World's Gym offers a full-service fitness facility featuring group classes, steam room and excellent fitness equipment.

Wellness Reimbursement

All residents and fellows are eligible for a reimbursement of up to $100 every 6 months for participating in a qualified wellness activity in these categories:

  • General wellness
  • Weight management
  • Stress management

Learn more.

Student Loan Assistance

MaineHealth has partnered with, a platform that enables education assistance benefits. is free and available to all care team members and their families. Learn more about the MaineHealth Student Loan Assistance program.


We offer a meditation room in the Coulombe Family Tower on the 1st floor. 

Chaplain Services

Our chapel is located in the Maine General Building on the 1st floor.

Perks List

There are several perks, conveniences, and discounts available to MMC Care Team members. View the current list of available perks.