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Inpatient Medical & Geriatric Psychiatry Unit

The Department of Psychiatry at Maine Medical Center offers a comprehensive spectrum of psychiatric services for the community that rivals, and in many cases exceeds, the scope of services offered in major urban teaching hospitals and health systems in the United States. Pavillion 6 (P6) at Maine Medical Center is one example of our ability to provide highly specialized clinical care to specialty populations.

Our unit is one of approximately 50 in the U.S. capable of providing acute inpatient psychiatric care to medically complex or unstable patients. P6 is a high-performing, multidisciplinary service with a capacity of 21 beds and three interdisciplinary teams consisting of an attending psychiatrist, social worker, nursing, and an occupational/recreational therapist. Our staff is experienced in both psychiatric and medical care with an emphasis on geriatric psychiatry. We have a full time physician's assistant and access to the full complement of medical/surgical consultative services at Maine Medical Center. Approximately 80% of our patients are jointly managed by a medical or surgical consulting service for acute or unstable medical problems. We conduct full interdisciplinary rounds daily and have an average length of stay of 12 days with meticulous discharge planning.

Our experience with neurobehavioral disorders is recognized throughout the state of Maine and we treat individuals with many rare conditions such as cerebral amyloid angiopathy, traumatic brain injury, Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome, encephalitides, Pick complex, lenticulostriate disorders such as Wilson's disease, etc. We embrace a biopsychosocial model of care with focal treatment planning and active involvement of families and caregivers.

In addition to clinical care, P6 is a major teaching resource for Maine Medical Center. We offer inpatient medical/geriatric psychiatry experiences for psychiatric residents, primary care residents, the geriatric medicine fellow, and medical students. Our teaching evaluations are consistently high, with particular positive emphasis on the close relationship students and residents have with the attending psychiatrists. Our daily rounds are done with the whole interdisciplinary team. We have a culture of continuous quality improvement on P6 and our performance in the areas of safety, quality, satisfaction, and finance are consistent with, or superior to national benchmarks for geriatric psychiatry units.