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Parent Education and Resources

Maine Medical Center (MMC) offers a wide range of classes to support new parents during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Whether you’re getting ready for the birth of your first child or are an experienced parent, our certified staff will help you prepare for, and enjoy, every moment of the experience. 

Online Classes Available

Here are some of the classes we offer:

  • Beyond the Basics
  • Breastfeeding
  • Childbirth Preparation
  • Infant Care
  • Preparing the Family
  • Support Groups
Due to temporary changes to our visitor policy, Maine Medical Center is offering some childbirth education classes online. View the full class list.

Class Cancellations

If a class needs to be cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, registered participants will receive an email notification. If the cancellation is same-day, registered participants will receive a phone call. We will then follow-up by phone and/or email regarding rescheduling options. Typically, if the school district in which the class or group is held is closed, or has announced an early dismissal, then our classes/groups will be cancelled as well.

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Pregnancy, Postpartum and Parenting Resources

3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

Benefits of Breastfeeding and Skin to Skin Care

Listen to Pam Tozier, R.N.  discuss the health benefits of breastfeeding your infant.

Importance of Childhood Vaccinations

Board certified Maine Medical Partners Pediatrician, Jonathan Fanburg, M.D. will discuss the importance of vaccinations and their safeness for children.