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Mission, Vision & Values

Maine Medical Center is dedicated to maintaining and improving the health of the communities it serves by:

  • Caring for our community
  • Educating tomorrow's caregivers
  • Researching new ways to provide care

We proudly carry our unique responsibility as Maine's leader in patient care, education and research. We are dedicated to the traditions and ideals of not-for-profit healthcare. Our care is available to all who seek it.

We share an important set of values – Patient Centered, Integrity, Ownership, Excellence, Respect and Innovation. These values guide us in our interactions with each other, with our patients and families and with the members of our community.

These values are foundational, and support us as we work toward a vision that benefits us all:  Working together so our communities are the healthiest in America.

When we are guided by our values, we put our patients first. We provide equal access to affordable care. We deliver superior service and outcomes. We treat all members of our organization with respect and prioritize care team well being. And we never stop improving on all of these efforts.

Our Shared Values

As of 2017, our values are aligned with all organizations across the MaineHealth system.