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Meet The Lunder Family Alliance Team

The Lunder Family Alliance: Support in the community through every step of recovery

When a loved one is hospitalized with a severe mental illness, they are not the only one experiencing immense stress. Their family, caregivers and support system feel a heavy weight of fear and confusion. Why is my child suffering? Am I making things worse? What is my role in their recovery? Will my loved one need my support forever? And how will they transition back into society?

The Lunder Family Alliance team helps answer all of those questions and guide young adults and their families through treatment and post-treatment, a process that includes therapy, navigation of employment and education, peer support and more.

To best reach patients where they are, the Lunder Family Alliance team serves communities at Spring Harbor Hospital and expanded in June 2020 to Portland at 165 Lancaster Street.

Tierney Lynch is a Certified Employment Specialist, helping patients reach their vocational goals from the new Portland location.

“Our work life touches us is so many ways - it gives us purpose, it provides financially, it motivates us, brings people into our lives – some we will always remember, and it does so much more!”

One recent client in particular loved working in facility maintenance at a local hotel until the pandemic caused him to get laid off. As a result of losing his job, he experienced depression to the point of suicidal threats and he was hospitalized. Tierney shared, “After his release, we worked together to develop an updated resume and cover letter - he polished his interviewing skills and he searched for similar positions.”

Tierney’s role in this patient’s success was encouragement. “I supported him with staying motivated so he was able to obtain a competitive offer and go back to his employer and be successfully rehired.”

Each team member at the Alliance serves an integral role – all working toward one goal: To help patients live their life independently, confidently and the way they want to.

Sometimes, Tierney says, patients already have a plan in mind for their future. And sometimes, they need resources to make decisions and forward. In both cases, patients need to know that it is not only possible to build a life after hospitalization – it is possible to thrive.

Possible because of support from the Lunder Foundation and the Lunder and Purdy families, the Lunder Family Alliance creates a safe place for patients to enhance their self-esteem, increase their rate of success and create a stable, informed support system.

Learn more about the Lunder Family Alliance.