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Ellen in Springvale

Meet Ellen

Ellen530pxEllen Torno has worked at Maine Behavioral Healthcare for over 30 years, and while she’s seen lots of changes, her commitment to helping those in need remains the same. As an Administrative Team Specialist, Ellen monitors the status of approximately 500 clients for 20 case managers in the Springvale, Brunswick and South Portland clinics. She makes sure that each client record includes the criteria necessary to maintain their insurance coverage, particularly for those with MaineCare. It’s a big responsibility that requires Ellen to be in constant contact with clinical management and various departments within Maine Behavioral Healthcare and the State. It’s a role that, while done behind the scenes, has a significant impact to the care provided to our clients.

“I love the detective work and figuring why someone is having trouble with their MaineCare benefits,” explains Ellen. “Clients may not realize they need to file certain paperwork or check in with their doctor or case manager at certain times in order to maintain coverage. My goal is to make sure our clients are able to access the services they need and have it covered.”

To do this, Ellen manages several spreadsheets, comparing them daily with information from a DHHS portal. Admittedly, Ellen said figuring out how to set up each spreadsheet was time consuming, but in the long run it made the process of tracking and monitoring client status much easier. Assistant Director of Practice Management, Denise Day, agreed. 

“Since Ellen’s implemented her tracking systems, I hear a lot of ‘can’t everyone do it like Ellen?’” Denise said. “She is recognized by program managers as a leader in the way she manages her data. Now, we are working to create a standard process modeled on Ellen and her practices. It’s been a long road, but it’s been great and we really appreciate all of her hard work.”

The job is very self-directed and independent, requiring Ellen to manage her time efficiently. Making a mistake can mean quite a ripple effect for case managers and clients, so Ellen’s detail-oriented and compassionate nature help her greatly. 

“She is so dependable in accomplishing results all on her own,” said Denise. “Knowing I have her support and dedication makes my job so much easier. I can’t thank her enough for all she does for Maine Behavioral Healthcare.”

Ellen feels just as lucky. “We’re like a family. We’re all here, working together to help this population. I love working for an organization that at the end of the day has really helped someone.”