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Amber Mondor: Building Special Relationships with Special Kids

Meet Amber

Amber Mondor at CADD Construction SiteAt Maine Behavioral Healthcare’s Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders (CADD), students are not the only individuals who are learning and growing. Meet Amber Mondor, a teacher in the CADD high school. In the summer of 2019, Amber began as an ed tech at the school and last November became a special education teacher. CADD has supported Amber’s growth by providing extensive on the job training, including providing courses to become a Registered Behavior Technician.

With a background in behavioral healthcare and education, Amber goes above and beyond to educate and engage with students at CADD every single day. And it turns out, they have taught her a lot too.

“Working with kids on the Autism spectrum is such a meaningful and fulfilling experience,” she says. “It’s a very diverse and unique population, and I learn so much every day from our students. They have taught me countless influential lessons about how to be curious, how to play (which I really had to relearn as an adult) and how to be a voice and advocate for them.”

The entire CADD team has built special relationships with the individuals they serve, and among themselves. Though some moments are challenging, Amber and her colleagues make a point to celebrate every growth and victory – from success with toileting to attending community outings or participating in community activities.

“I’m inspired frequently by both the little and the big victories that our students accomplish each day. We cheer hard for what these students are able to achieve; and they truly deserve it!”

“It is so obvious how much Amber cares for and wants to support her students and her team,” says Angela Evans, Director of K-12 Day Treatment at CADD. “She has always been a role model in the high school classroom but now has really taken on a leadership role within the classroom and is respected by both staff and students.”

It is both inspiring and exciting to see what Amber has accomplished thus far, and to consider all that she will bring to our this community in the future. Angela shares in this sentiment: “I am excited to see Amber grow in this role and the amazing things that she is going to do for her students and staff.”

Maine Behavioral Healthcare is currently seeking ed techs and teachers to join our growing team as we expand to the new Center of Excellence in Autism and Developmental Disorders this summer. Interested candidates can apply from the MaineHealth careers page.