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Trauma Services

About Trauma

Trauma is an overwhelming experience that can interfere with the demands and joys of daily living. For children, trauma can affect the way they grow, learn and behave. Some traumatic events are obvious such as a sudden loss of a parent, experiencing violence at home or in the community, witnessing abuse, or having a serious medical procedure. Others may be less clear. At Maine Behavioral Healthcare, trained clinicians are here to help support children and adults who have experienced trauma.

Maine Behavioral Healthcare has several trauma-related services for children (individually or with their parents or guardians) and adults, from on-the-scene volunteer crisis assistance to brief and long-term therapy programs.

These services include:

Trauma Therapy for Children and Adolescents

The effects of exposure to violence and other types of trauma can be diminished with appropriate supports and interventions. Early support for children and families can prevent long lasting problems. The following evidence –based trauma therapies are available at Maine Behavioral Healthcare.

The Children's Initiative

The primary mission of the Children’s Initiative is to develop a community-wide trauma-informed system of care for children suffering as a result of experiencing or witnessing violence and trauma. Learn More.

Portland Defending Childhood

Portland Defending Childhood in Portland, Maine is one of eight sites in the country that works to both prevent children's exposure to violence and reduce negative effects of violence. We offer information, support and evidence-based treatment. Learn More.

To learn more about these trauma therapies and services, contact:

Rebecca Hoffmann Frances
Director of Clinical Innovation
Phone: 207-661-6506