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Schools have the opportunity to provide healthier foods and to creatively increase physical activity throughout the school day. In addition to helping establish healthy habits, schools have a vested interest in making sure their students are ready and able to learn. The Let’s Go! program is flexible and can be easily woven into your busy day. We will help you assess your school environment, identify strengths and areas for growth, and set a goals to support creating and sustaining a healthy environment.

Let’s Go! is committed to providing registered sites professional development opportunities through in-person and virtual trainings as well as technical assistance through in-person and virtual meetings.

On-Demand Trainings

Current on-demand virtual trainings can be accessed at

Resources for School Staff

Guided Meditation Resources

  • Grounding the Body – Use this 5 min recording when you feel tired or ungrounded. Lay down or recline in a chair and close your eyes as you focus on different parts of the body from head to toe to help reconnect to your body and feel more well-rested and grounded.
  • Releasing Tension – Use this 6 min recording when you feel overwhelmed or tense. Lay down or recline in a chair and close your eyes as you practice tensing and releasing each body part from head to toe to help release tension from your body and mind.
  • Shaking Off Stress – Use this 5 min recording when you feel stressed or when you’re experiencing anger, fear, or other emotions. Stand up and make sure you have a bit of room around you on all sides. Shake the body from head to toe to release emotional energy and stress. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel.

Resources to Share with Families


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