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Inpatient Care | Hospital Medicine

Franklin Memorial Hospital inpatients receive expert care from a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, nurses, nursing and medical students, pharmacists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, care managers, nursing aides, dietitians and other specialists.

Hospital Medicine

Hospitalists are specially-trained physicians who care for patients during a hospital stay. Our hospital medicine team provides 24-7 inpatient care—from admission through discharge. Hospitalists partner with the patient’s primary care physician to coordinate care and follow-up treatment. 

Care team members meet every morning to discuss discharge plans and ensure that patients have the services they need when they leave our hospital. A case manager arranges needed services which may include home care visits, rehabilitation, food pantry services and other social services.

Intensive Care

Our intensive care unit (ICU) is located on the third floor of the hospital. The ICU team provides advanced medical care and observation to people in in critical/unstable condition (heart attack, respiratory failure, surgical complications). These acutely ill patients require constant observation and intensive nursing care. Our specially-trained nurses use state-of-the-art life support devices and evidence-based medicine to achieve the best possible health outcomes for ICU patients.

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