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FCHN Foundation Stones of Operational Excellence


Be a healthcare employer of choice in Maine by emphasizing mission and values-based recruitment, employee and physician satisfaction, and leadership development.


Provide compassionate care and service excellence to all customers at a level that is at the highest standard for healthcare in New England.


Constantly improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of services we provide measured against the highest standards and best practices in the country.


Increase the scope of services provided, service volumes, and market share to meet the needs of the people and communities we serve, enhance the region’s economy, and preserve our financial health.


Remain financially strong by consistently operating in a fiscally prudent manner and by careful stewardship of the community resources that are our fiduciary responsibility.


Remain centered on doing what is right for the community we serve. Continue as locally controlled and owned, but seek affiliations that benefit those we serve. Give equal priority to providing outstanding patient care and improving community health. Be accountable to the community through public disclosure of our performance. Build community infrastructure where such efforts are needed, welcomed and can make a difference to the overall health of the community.


Work collaboratively with all individuals and organizations where mutual efforts will best serve the missions and goals of both organizations and the community. Respect the independence of other organizations in the community.

Integration of care

Integrate best practice clinical services and systems so patients can receive the care they need with maximum continuity, quality and convenience. Use information systems to integrate medical care and public health services so patients obtain optimal care and the communities we serve achieve the highest level of health and wellness possible.


Assure everyone in our service area can obtain the care they need. Reduce barriers to care for all residents, such as lack of insurance, income, transportation and information.

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