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Health & Well-Being Programs

There is no time more important than today to set a personal well-being goal, and you will be more successful when combined with a plan and vision on what you want to achieve. Try setting some small goals over the next month. Stay focused, create new habits and have fun! Need some help to get started? We are pleased to provide you with resources to help you succeed.

The following programs and resources are available to employees:

Our WOW Health & Well-being programs are available to MaineHealth employees and their spouse/partners who are interested in receiving support and expert guidance in their quest for improving their health. These programs are free and offered at various times through the year. Please note that some programs are only available to benefits-eligible employees.

Weight Management

  • Healthy Paybacks puts dollars back in your pocket for participating in health and wellness activities through the Healthy Paybacks Program. All MaineHealth employees are eligible for $100 eligible activities.
  • Diabetes Prevention Program - This program is a lifestyle change program for preventing type 2 diabetes. The program is free for all MaineHealth team members and you can earn up to 23,000 Virgin Pulse points.

Lifestyle Change, Diabetes Prevention 

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) can help you adopt lifelong healthy habits and significantly decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This program follows guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is designed for people who have been diagnosed with prediabetes or who are at risk and want to make a healthy lifestyle change.

MaineHealth Diabetes Prevention Program

MaineHealth Diabetes Prevention Program

(Structured class schedule, trained lifestyle instructor and peer support—offered live, online and in-person)

MaineHealth offers the Diabetes Prevention Program at no cost to all eligible* employees and family members that can help you make modest lifestyle changes and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Losing weight and making lifestyle changes can feel intimidating even if you know it can lead to better health. With this proven program you get:

  • Expert guidance: A trained lifestyle coach will share knowledge and tools to help you reduce stress, get more physical activity, and eat healthier. You will learn how to become a calorie detective, how to fit physical activity into a busy schedule, and much more.
  • A supportive community: You don't have to do this alone. Group support and discussion with others who share similar goals and struggles will help keep it fun!
  • Results: This is a year-long program focused on permanent lifestyle changes. Weekly check-ins will help you stay on track and provide an opportunity to reconnect with your coach and peers. A year may sound like a long commitment, but learning new skills, creating new habits and gaining confidence takes time. As you become more active and start eating better, you’ll notice changes in how you look and feel.
  • Employees can earn up to 23,000 Virgin Pulse points for meeting key milestones of the program

*Could you have prediabetes? Take the test and find a class that is convenient for you.

If you previously participated in the MaineHealth Diabetes Prevention Program there is the potential that you could re-enroll in the program by meeting certain criteria. Please call the MaineHealth prevention Program at 207-661-7294 for more information.

Stress Reduction and Management

  • Stress Management and Resiliency Resources - Explore educational topics, relaxation practices, and additional resources that can help you to increase your ability to live life more in balance.
  • Stress Free Now - Cleveland Clinic's clinically proven, 6-week online course teaches you how to practice relaxation techniques and gives you real-life strategies for managing your body's reaction to stress. This program offers lifetime access and is eligible for Healthy Paybacks.
  • Resources for Living - Resources for Living is a 24/7 free and confidential resource program designed to provide support, information and referrals for issues like handling stress and overload, navigating the health care system, finding child care and so much more.

Additional WOW Health & Well-Being Programs

If you're living with a disease or health condition, WOW! Health & Wellbeing programs can help. Our programs offer support and expertise to keep your health on the right track.

Learn more

Finding the right care for your family can be hard, especially when you’re balancing the demands of work and life. All MaineHealth employees have access to a free membership with unlimited access to the world’s leading network for finding and managing care for kids, adults, pets, home, and more.

Your Care Membership gives you unlimited access to the world’s largest platform for finding and managing care for children, seniors, pets and the home. Enroll and sign in today to explore detailed caregiver profiles in your area, post a job for caregivers to apply to, access the Care Safety Center and background check options and send real-time payments to caregivers.

Log on to to enroll. You can also download the Care@Work mobile app. You will use your Lawson Employee ID to register. Below are a few helpful videos to learn more about this free resource:

How do I know if I have pre-diabetes?

Did you know that one third of Americans have pre-diabetes? And because it often doesn't show any symptoms, about 90% of them don't know they have it. Learn about the digital Lark Diabetes Prevention Program.
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Virgin Pulse

Get the motivation, tools and know-how to take charge of what makes you happy and well.

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Healthy Paybacks

Healthy Paybacks puts dollars back in your pocket when you buy healthy foods and participate in wellness activities.
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Employee Assistance Program

Resources for Living is a 24/7 free and confidential resource program designed to help you manage whatever challenge you're facing.