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Front Line Resources

Managing your mental health is just as important as your physical health during times of crisis. Recommendations include:

  • Resting between shifts
  • Maintaining positive lifestyle behaviors such as physical activity and eating healthy
  • Staying connected to family/friends and sharing with trusted colleagues
  • Leveraging coping strategies that have worked well in the past
  • Avoiding alcohol and substance use
  • Being prepared for working with patients in distress or exacerbated mental health conditions 

Read on for more guidance and resources for front line health care workers.

Emotional Health

Maine Peer Support Warmline

The collaboratively created Maine Peer Support Warmline for first responders and health care professionals is scaling up to meet COVID19 demand. It now has coverage 24/7 when other supports may not be available. The Intentional Warm Line is a 24/7 option during this challenging time.