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Forward Together

In 2021, Stephens Memorial Hospital underwent a rigorous facilities planning process to assess our aging infrastructure and identify building and service needs.

As part of that process, the PACE ambulance station was identified as a priority, requiring significant updates and renovations. To help fund these renovations, Stephens Memorial Hospital has launched the 2022 PACE Community Campaign. Through December 2022, our team is working with community leaders to raise $4,000,000 to address the needs of our PACE paramedics and EMTs as they care for our community.

The renovated ambulance station will provide sufficient space and modern equipment to ensure crews deliver the best care possible. Improved storage will preserve gear and make it more accessible when seconds are a matter of life and death. In addition, updated living quarters will support our diverse team of crew members who spend hours living away from home as they work to keep this community safe. This renovation will also provide expanded meeting and training space – not only for our first responders, but also for community education.

These updates are essential and will strengthen the infrastructure of Oxford County’s only paramedic-licensed first responder service.

PACE: 2021 By the Numbers




1,055 health care facility transfers moving patients between hospitals to ensure the right care at the right place




2,987 emergency responses to a 9-1-1 request




4,927 total ambulance runs