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William Babb

“Today there is nothing I can’t do, I’m totally recovered with no permanent damage.” It brings Bill Babb quite a bit of relief to say this, after waking in the night with pain in his chest and profuse sweating on Labor Day weekend. He was uncomfortable but not in severe pain. Thinking that his symptoms were due to some work he’d been doing on his truck, he waited to see if they persisted. His wife Barbara did not. She made Bill take some aspirin and immediately drove him to the Emergency Room on the LincolnHealth Campus in Damariscotta where Bill was stabilized with blood thinners and given an electrocardiogram.

A second EKG confirmed that a heart attack had occurred. “I could not believe the amount of coordination that occurred between the LincolnHealth ED staff led by Dr. Tim Fox, the ambulance service, and Maine Medical Center (MMC)”, said Bill. “The ambulance team and MMC teams were so well informed by the ED team, by the time I arrived at MMC I was able to roll directly into surgery.” Dr. Jeremy Estrada and a team of six providers inserted two stents in his arteries, which were blocked at 100 and 75 percent, respectively.

The next day Bill was released into the care of his Primary Care Provider Jennifer Oddleifson, PA-C, who has cared for Bill for more than thirty years. A rehabilitation program was created and his recovery process began. “I’m much more confident and aware of my body now and what I can safely do. I don’t know what they could have done better. All of the people who cared for me were able to access my medical info in real time, when it was most critical. I’m grateful.”

Today Bill is able to return to the hobbies he enjoys most, like paddling his kayak, fly and ice fishing and snowshoeing in the wilderness of Maine. He feels assured of his health and looks forward to his upcoming annual trip to Guatemala where he volunteers with Masons on a Mission, helping citizens of Guatemala improve their local living conditions.


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