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Cabot Lyman

As owner of Lyman Morse Boatbuilding, Cabot Lyman had been working on and around boats for years, as well as sailing them, and his body had begun to complain. Also an avid hockey player, gliding on the ice wasn’t too much of a strain on his replaced knees, but as he grew older the pain of bending over to skate low and use his shoulders to play became painful indeed. When even his sleep became interrupted from discomfort, he knew it was time for another replacement.

Although both of his knees had been replaced while living in North Carolina, he trusted the shoulder work he needed done to Dr. Jeffrey Rasmussen, an orthopedic surgeon from Pen Bay Medical Center.

Dr. Rasmussen replaced both of Cabot’s shoulders and after a rehabilitative therapy program with Pen Bay Orthopedics, Cabot has now returned to doing “all the things I used to do.”

“It’s been terrific” Cabot says, “to be able to continue the work I love and remain active in life.”

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