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Barry Hathaway

Barry is a retired State Trooper (31 years), who had a busy career traveling the state of Maine. He lives in Wilton, with his wife of 53 years.

His symptoms started slowly, with his urine stream slowing down, and he found himself waking up at night to go to the bathroom. His doctor first diagnosed him with an enlarged prostate, and over the years he continued to have issues with his urination and his symptoms worsened. His doctor, (Griffith) Richard Batstone, at Franklin Health Urology recommended a procedure called HoLEP, which is laser surgery that removes blockages of urine flow, to fix the issue. Just before he had the procedure, his urine stream almost completely stopped. Dr. Batstone got him in for treatment and Barry immediately saw results.

"The HoLEP procedure is unlike any other BPH surgery," explained Franklin Health Urology's surgeon G. Richard Batstone, MD. "Using a very modern laser and novel surgical instruments I can precisely remove all the benign enlargement of the prostate in one short operation. Recovery is quicker, patients experience little to no pain or burning with urination afterwards. Bleeding is reduced substantially and patients usually leave within a few hours after surgery."

He added, "The HoLEP procedure is the salvage procedure of choice when other procedures have failed. It gives hope to men who have been left catheterizing themselves because their bladder does not work. There is absolutely no question in my mind that HoLEP is the best option for men seeking a permanent solution to problems caused by the enlarged prostate."

Today, Barry is feeling great and is symptom free. He enjoys piloting his drone and is currently working to get his license as a HAM Radio Operator. He is also enjoying fixing up his pontoon boat so he and his wife can enjoy Wilson Lake during the summer.

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